Industry News | 16 October 2017

Japan 'increasingly cautious about trade links with the US'

A new report has highlighted the cautious approach Japan is taking to future trade agreements with the US due to President Donald Trump's economic policies.

Industry News | 4 October 2017

EU ministers discuss need for centralized IT approach for customs union

European ministers have outlined a need for a more centralized approach to developing IT systems for the EU customs union.

Industry News | 2 October 2017

UK will have trade deals in place before transition period ends, says minister

The UK's international trade secretary has expressed confidence that key free trade deals will be in place by the time the Brexit transition period is over.

Industry News | 28 September 2017

British businesses support call for transitional Brexit trade agreement

British businesses are coming together to call for the UK to embrace a transitional trade agreement with the EU to avoid a "cliff-edge" effect after Brexit.

Industry News | 18 September 2017

UK sets out plans for new trade and investment relationship with Canada

British prime minister Theresa May has traveled to Canada with the aim of securing a new trade and investment partnership based on the European CETA deal.

Industry News | 6 September 2017

China calls for fresh commitment to free trade from BRICS nations

Chinese president Xi Jinping has called on other emerging economies to renew their commitment to free trade and globalization to tackle rising uncertainty.

Industry News | 4 September 2017

British and German business organizations call for trade-focused Brexit approach

The British Chambers of Commerce and the Association of German Chambers of Commerce have called for trade issues to be prioritized as Brexit talks continue.

Industry News | 1 September 2017

International trade improves again in second quarter of 2017

New OECD data has shown that international trade among G20 nations increased once again in the second quarter of 2017.

Industry News | 30 August 2017

UK prime minister flies to Japan to lay groundwork for trade deal

British prime minister Theresa May has travelled to Japan with the aim of laying the groundwork for a future trade deal between the two countries.

Industry News | 24 August 2017

New global initiative to help small businesses take part in international trade

The ICC and the WTO have launched a new initiative to help smaller companies take part in international trade.