Industry News | 6 June 2019

World trade 'facing an uphill battle'

ING has provided downcast trade figures for this year if current situations do not improve.

Industry News | 21 May 2019

WTO publishes downcast outlook indicator

The latest figures on trade growth from the WTO do not look positive.

Industry News | 21 May 2019

Global rail freight tipped to increase significantly

More companies are sending their products by rail.

Industry News | 14 May 2019

Far from resolved, US-China trade war scales up

There was no trade deal between China and the US and tensions have instead heated up again.

Industry News | 8 May 2019

EC downgrades growth outlook for 2019

There have been gloomy figures on growth from the European Commission.

Industry News | 23 April 2019

Drinks industry boosts British exports

British exports have been reaping the rewards from a healthy drinks industry.

Industry News | 23 April 2019

Issues for oil traders as US announces end of Iran sanctions waivers

The US will not be renewing waivers to its Iranian oil sanctions.

Industry News | 10 April 2019

WTO downgrades trade growth forecast

The WTO expects global trade growth of just 2.6 per cent in 2019.

Industry News | 20 March 2019

USA pushes for new free trade agreement with Japan

The US wants trade talks with Japan, but its conditions may cause friction.

Industry News | 20 March 2019

Brazil and Mexico agree deal on trade of light vehicles

A new trade agreement has been reached between Brazil and Mexico.