Industry News | 15 August 2018

Turkey raises tariffs as economic battle with US continues

Turkey has continued its 'tit-for-tat' raising of tariffs against the US this week.

Industry News | 15 August 2018

Belt and Road Initiative 'will boost China's global power sector footprint'

China's ambitious Belt and Road Initiative could be significant, according to new analysis.

Industry News | 14 August 2018

Russia cuts dependency on US dollar

Russia is trying to move away from trading in US dollars amid increasingly frosty relations between the two countries.

Industry News | 7 August 2018

Australian treasurer: WTO has failed

The World Trade Organization is not fit for purpose, the Australian treasurer has argued.

Industry News | 25 July 2018

Will Trump's trade wars lead to a serious shift in global stability?

Tariffs are leading to trade wars, but is it a similar situation to that of the 1980s?

Industry News | 11 July 2018

Trade war escalates as China 'shocked' by US taxes

A list of products that could be subject to fresh taxes has led to anger from China.

Industry News | 4 July 2018

UK trade deficit is narrowing, figures show

The trade deficit in the UK decreased during the past year, new figures have shown.

Industry News | 3 July 2018

Trump criticises WTO at meeting with Dutch PM

Donald Trump has said the World Trade Organization has not been treating America well, furthering suggestions the nation may withdraw.

Industry News | 16 October 2017

Japan 'increasingly cautious about trade links with the US'

A new report has highlighted the cautious approach Japan is taking to future trade agreements with the US due to President Donald Trump's economic policies.

Industry News | 4 October 2017

EU ministers discuss need for centralized IT approach for customs union

European ministers have outlined a need for a more centralized approach to developing IT systems for the EU customs union.