Industry News | 17 October 2018

US to negotiate trade agreements with Japan, EU and UK

The US wants to build trade bridges with Japan, Britain and the European Union.

Industry News | 11 October 2018

New figures show sustained trade growth for Japan

Japan's trade situation is looking positive for the last part of 2018, new figures suggest.

Industry News | 3 October 2018

WTO, World Bank and IMF express need for reforms in trade

New ways of looking at global trade will be necessary if the economy is to flourish, three organizations have said.

Industry News | 2 October 2018

Multilateral deal agreed as Canada joins 'new Nafta'

Nafta will be replaced by the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) after Canada agreed to a deal.

Industry News | 18 September 2018

New tariffs on imports ramp up US/China trade war

Washington has imposed a raft of new import tariffs on Chinese products, leading to anger from Beijing.

Industry News | 12 September 2018

Commonwealth members 'must help to support the World Trade Organization'

The World Trade Organization should be strengthened if international trade is to continue unabated, its director-general has said.

Industry News | 5 September 2018

New index paints gloomy picture of world trade

The Global Kuehne + Nagel Indicators' World Trade Indicator is not optimistic about the state of global commerce going forward.

Industry News | 30 August 2018

EC forecasts growth, but slower than before

Growth forecasts have been revised down for the eurozone and general EU area, according to the latest data release.

Industry News | 21 August 2018

World Bank report shows disparities in global trade logistics

Gaps exist between rich and poor nations when it comes to logistics performance and trade, according to a new report.

Industry News | 15 August 2018

Turkey raises tariffs as economic battle with US continues

Turkey has continued its 'tit-for-tat' raising of tariffs against the US this week.