Industry News | 15 January 2019

Disappointing trade data from China sparks market slowdown

Despite analysts' optimism, there were disappointing trade figures from China this week.

Industry News | 19 December 2018

Digital technologies: What will be the future impact on trade?

The World Trade Organization believes technology is going to be the next big revolution in trade.

Industry News | 11 December 2018

New report highlights world trade concerns

Maritime traders want more technology and are concerned about trade wars, a new report has shown.

Industry News | 6 December 2018

World trade hits new high, figures show

World trade has grown again, Kuehne+Nagel's latest figures show.

Industry News | 6 December 2018

Blockchain 'could revolutionize world trade'

Blockchain could become a key component of world trade in the future, according to the World Trade Organization.

Industry News | 4 December 2018

Crude oil exports from Iraq dip to seven-month low

It is a turbulent time for Middle Eastern oil production, after exports from Iraq declined.

Industry News | 4 December 2018

G20 nations agree to reform WTO

Reforms to the WTO could be forthcoming after the G20 agreed it is not fit for purpose.

Industry News | 28 November 2018

Report predicts deceleration of global trade

Global trade growth is going down, new figures have suggested.

Industry News | 7 November 2018

WTO receives complaints about US tariffs

A heated meeting of the World Trade Organization has seen complaints received about US protectionism.

Industry News | 6 November 2018

Trade wars hit New Zealand's economy

Far-off trade wars between China and America are having an effect in New Zealand.