Making visions a reality

When MIC was founded in 1988, we had a vision: the development of a software solution for handling global customs processes. Today, more than 33 years later, the vision has long become reality. MIC has established itself as a global brand and is the market leader in the global customs and trade compliance software sector. At the same time, MIC has grown continuously, geographically as well as in turnover and number of employees, today we are around 400 employees strong and still growing.

Management of MIC

Alfred Hiebl, DI

Managing Director

Rainer Roll, Mag.

Executive Vice President
Global Sales & Marketing

Stefan Derntl, Mag.

Executive Vice President
Global Operations

Ursula Schöneborn-Siligan, Mag., LL.M., MBA

Vice President
Finance and Legal

Gianluca Romano

Vice President Americas
President MIC US

MIC Team of Directors

Thomas Hartmann, Mag.

Director Projects

Paul Lakmayer, DI, MBA, PMP

Director SaaS

Roman Sinnhuber, DI

Director Support

Wolfgang Gassner, DI

Director Development

Margit Bencic, Mag.

Director Human Resources

Keith Maxey, PMP

Director Projects Americas
MIC Founders

Alfred Hiebl Sen.


Manfred Biermayer, DI

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