Brexit | 3 May 2018

UK government faces deepening internal rift over EU customs deal

The British government is facing serious internal divisions due to disagreements over whether or not the UK should be seeking a post-Brexit customs deal with the EU.

Brexit | 1 May 2018

MPs warn UK government against rushing into US trade negotiations

MPs have warned the British government against rushing into trade negotiations with the US that could harm the UK's links with other countries.

Brexit | 23 April 2018

UK government holds firm amid calls to stay in EU customs union

The British government is rejecting calls for the UK to remain in the EU customs union, despite suffering a defeat over the issue in the House of Lords.

Brexit | 4 April 2018

UK ministers recommend EEA or EFTA membership as post-Brexit trade option

British ministers have urged the government not to rule out membership of the European Economic Area or the European Free Trade Association following Brexit.

Brexit | 27 March 2018

Free trade deal 'could soon emerge' for UK and Australia

An ambitious new free trade deal could soon be witnessed between the UK and Australia.

Brexit | 20 March 2018

Britain agrees key terms of Brexit transition deal

Britain and the EU have agreed a number of important details about the transition period, but not everyone is happy about the deal.

Brexit | 16 March 2018

New report highlights possible costs of Brexit for exporters

Brexit-related red tape could cost exporters in the UK and EU as much as £58 billion a year, according to a new report.

Brexit | 15 March 2018

New report suggests UK will be able to sign free trade deals during Brexit transition

Britain will be able to sign trade deals during the Brexit transition period without permission from the EU, according to a report.

Brexit | 6 March 2018

EU adviser casts doubt over post-Brexit free trade plan

The UK's hopes of securing a free trade deal with the EU based on a mutual recognition of standards has been dealt a blow by a key Brussels adviser.

Brexit | 5 March 2018

Brexit impacts international trade among British businesses in 2017

Concerns over Brexit had a harsh impact on the number of businesses involved in international trade in 2017, according to a new report.