Brexit | 13 February 2019

UK and Switzerland ratify continuity agreement

Trade will continue as usual between the UK and Switzerland after Brexit.

Brexit | 12 February 2019

HMRC issues advice on exporting from UK to EU in no-deal Brexit scenario

A new video offers advice for UK businesses wanting to keep trading with the EU should a no-deal Brexit occur.

Brexit | 6 February 2019

HMRC issues no-deal Brexit contingency plans for British businesses

Thousands of British companies have been given instructions about what they will need to do to prepare for a no-deal Brexit.

Brexit | 8 January 2019

HMRC: Still 'much to do' in time for CDS rollout

An HMRC spokesperson has acknowledged that the new Customs Declaration System may not be ready as early as previously thought.

Brexit | 12 December 2018

Brexit plans in disarray as UK MPs trigger no-confidence vote in PM

A leadership contest has been triggered by the British Conservative Party, plunging Brexit into fresh chaos.

Brexit | 21 November 2018

South Korea eager for UK trade deal post-Brexit

South Korea wants to beat its other rivals in Asia to a deal with Britain after Brexit.

Brexit | 20 November 2018

PAC reiterates concerns about customs systems

The Public Accounts Committee has again said it is worried about potential customs chaos in the run-up to Brexit and afterwards.

Brexit | 14 November 2018

Food manufacturers 'stockpiling' for fear of Brexit disruption

Widespread stockpiling is taking place ahead of Brexit in case of customs delays.

Brexit | 24 October 2018

Concerns over customs rise amid fears of no-deal Brexit

Analysts believe there could be serious delays for imports and exports if no deal is reached with the EU over Brexit.

Brexit | 17 October 2018

No-deal Brexit could cost billions, German think-tank warns

The costs of a no-deal Brexit have been laid out by one think-tank in Germany.