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UK firms continue to struggle with EU trade post-Brexit

New figures have revealed the extent of the collapse in trade between the UK and EU in the three months following Brexit.

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UK ports 'not ready' for new customs checks

UK port operators have warned of delays from July as any new customs inspection facilities are far from finished.

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UK and EU promise to work together over Northern Ireland

Talks have taken place between Michael Gove and his EU counterpart Maros Sefcovic to smooth over the row about Northern Ireland's borders.

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New paperwork and tax rules frustrate traders post-Brexit

The first month of post-Brexit trading between the EU and UK has revealed widespread frustration and confusion with new paperwork and costs for imports and exports.

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UK manufacturers warn over post-Brexit red tape

Almost a third of small UK firms have stopped exporting to the EU due to extra costs and confusing new paperwork post-Brexit.

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Food and drink sector raises concerns over new EU-UK rule of origin requirements

New EU-UK rule of origin requirements are hampering food and drinks providers who regularly move goods back and forth between the UK and Europe.

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UK exporters given 12 months grace of rules of origin documents

British exporters to the EU will not have to submit rules of origin declarations for 12 months as part of a grace period agreed by the UK and Brussels.

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UK and EU agree Brexit trade deal

British and European negotiators have finalized a trade deal that is set to take effect from January 1st.

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Post-Brexit trade deals - what progress is the UK making on FTAs?

How has the UK been getting on when it comes to securing FTAs with its non-EU partners?

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US and UK discuss 'mini' post-Brexit trade deal

US trade representative Robert Lighthizer has suggested the US is close to a 'mini trade deal' with the UK that could lead to the removal of some tariffs.