Brexit | 9 April 2019

EU 'would discuss a customs union with UK'

Michel Barnier would be open to talking about a UK/EU customs union, he has said.

Brexit | 3 April 2019

Trump 'keen to make post-Brexit trade deal' with UK

Donald Trump is eager for the Brexit process to speed up so he can talk trade with Britain, it has been claimed.

Brexit | 26 March 2019

Uncertainty reigns as Brexit looks set to be pushed back

This week may see Britain's exit from the European Union delayed until at least April.

Brexit | 19 March 2019

Norway and Iceland sign rollover trade deal with Britain

Trade with Iceland and Norway will continue post-Brexit for the UK after a deal was agreed.

Brexit | 13 March 2019

UK lays out tariff plans for no-deal Brexit

The government has laid out some of its plans for a no-deal Brexit.

Brexit | 6 March 2019

British fish exporters urged to prepare for Brexit

Exporters of fish need to be ready for a no-deal Brexit, the government has said.

Brexit | 26 February 2019

UK government publishes trade remedy measures

International trade secretary Dr Liam Fox has made an announcement concerning trade remedy measures.

Brexit | 13 February 2019

Advice issued by HMRC on importing from EU to UK after a no-deal Brexit

More advice has been issued by HMRC, this time on importing to the UK should a no-deal Brexit occur.

Brexit | 13 February 2019

UK and Switzerland ratify continuity agreement

Trade will continue as usual between the UK and Switzerland after Brexit.

Brexit | 12 February 2019

HMRC issues advice on exporting from UK to EU in no-deal Brexit scenario

A new video offers advice for UK businesses wanting to keep trading with the EU should a no-deal Brexit occur.