Gobal Trade Content Service


There is currently no single data source from which up-to-date trade content can be obtained at an appropriate level of quality on a global scale (e.g. export control commodity lists, exchange rates, code lists/customs offices, customs tariffs, etc.). It is common to manually check many different data sources in order to collect all the necessary information for an individual transaction. Obviously, this costs time and money. 

Even with high-quality data sources there is still no guarantee that these sources are regularly updated as anticipated. In many cases, there are frequent changes which are hard to manage. This may result in violations of the law and consequences for your company.

In order to overcome such difficulties, MIC includes an extensive Global Trade Content Service (GTCS), suitable for use by companies in any industry. GTCS contains a collection of global trade content from well-known and trusted suppliers of trade content (both national authorities and content providers) with whom MIC maintains non-exclusive partnerships. MIC has a dedicated team that continuously monitors and updates the GTCS database, thereby eliminating the need to maintain trade content with constantly changing customs and trade regulations. MIC GTCS covers 150+ countries, ensuring automatic regular updates of customs and trade content for all MIC modules.


150+ countries

Up-to-date Global Trade Content for 150+ countries like customs tariffs, exchange rates, rules of origin per FTA, export control lists and much more


Monitored content distribution

Automated updates

One consistent interface for automated updates

Content deliveries

Precisely defined scope of content deliveries

Controlled population

of the central Trade Content data base

GTM platform

Integration with MIC's GTM platform

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