Origin Calculation | 8 August 2019

Abu Dhabi implements new unified electronic customs system

A new unified electronic customs system is now in place in Abu Dhabi.

Origin Calculation | 1 July 2019

EU and Vietnam sign historic FTA

The EU and Vietnam have agreed upon a deal that should facilitate trade.

Origin Calculation | 15 May 2019

FTAs 'bring advantages businesses cannot ignore'

Businesses should not be afraid of getting involved where FTAs are concerned, one expert has said.

Origin Calculation | 24 April 2019

USMCA poised for approval - will it be more than just NAFTA 2.0?

The USMCA could come into force soon, so how is it different from its predecessor?

Origin Calculation | 16 October 2018

Evaluation on blockchain for US customs to be published soon

US customs officials will be looking into how their tests of blockchain have fared, it has been revealed.

Origin Calculation | 26 September 2018

What is the North American Free Trade Agreement and how has it evolved?

Here, we'll look in-depth at what the North American Free Trade Agreement is - and how it is changing.

Origin Calculation | 26 September 2018

The new Japan-EU Free Trade Agreement and what it means for world trade

The Japan-EU Free Trade Agreement was signed in December 2017. What is it and what does it mean for the economies of the two blocs?

Origin Calculation | 19 September 2018

What is CETA and how can it benefit my business?

Here, we'll take a closer look at the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement - CETA - between the EU and Canada.

Origin Calculation | 22 August 2018

US Customs to use blockchain technology

Blockchain is to be rolled out as part of the US customs process.

Origin Calculation | 2 July 2018

RCEP nations aim to close free trade deal before end of 2018

The nations involved in the RCEP negotiations have made a joint commitment to aim for a final deal by the end of the year.