Origin Calculation | 11 December 2017

EU and Japan finalize landmark Economic Partnership Agreement

The EU and Japan have finalized their new Economic Partnership Agreement, which represents the biggest bilateral trade agreement in European history.

Origin Calculation | 7 December 2017

China and Canada pledge support for FTA despite lack of progress on formal talks

Canada and China have affirmed their commitment to a new trade agreement, but efforts to secure the start of formal talks on a deal have continued to prove fruitless.

Origin Calculation | 1 December 2017

Canada 'remains cautious of pursuing new free trade deal with China'

Canada will not be pressured into rushing into any new free trade agreement talks with China, according to a new report.

Origin Calculation | 27 November 2017

UK business survey shows support for joining EFTA

A survey of small British businesses has shown a strong level of support for the country becoming an EFTA member post-Brexit.

Origin Calculation | 23 November 2017

New NAFTA deal remains distant after fifth round of talks

The US, Mexico and Canada have failed to make substantial headway towards reaching a consensus following the fifth round of NAFTA renegotiation talks.

Origin Calculation | 22 November 2017

RCEP leaders reaffirm commitment to free trade deal

Leaders of the 16 RCEP nations have reaffirmed their commitment to reaching a final agreement on the deal as soon as possible.

Origin Calculation | 2 November 2017

Germany and UK 'would benefit most from an EU-India trade deal'

Germany and the UK would be the greatest beneficiaries of a trade deal between the EU and India, according to analysts.

Origin Calculation | 30 October 2017

TPP member nations meet in Japan to secure progress on deal

The remaining members of the TPP agreement are convening in Japan with the aim of moving the deal forward without the US.

Origin Calculation | 20 October 2017

NAFTA renegotiation talks stall on crucial disagreements

Talks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement have hit a roadblock, with representatives having difficulty reconciling the priorities of the US with those of Canada and Mexico.

Origin Calculation | 13 October 2017

EU and India reaffirm commitment to FTA progress

The EU and India have reaffirmed their commitment to establishing a new free trade agreement during a recent summit.

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