Imports and Exports | 14 May 2019

British exports hit record high

More exports are leaving British businesses than ever, it has been found.

Imports and Exports | 7 May 2019

Japanese steel exports show signs of recovery

Steel exports from Japan are going up again after a tricky period for the country.

Imports and Exports | 7 May 2019

Europe buying much more American natural gas

Europe has been buying more gas from America - and it wants to boost this still further.

Imports and Exports | 30 April 2019

Issues for European oil supply after Russian dirty crude crisis

Contaminated oil coming from Russia has resulted in imports being halted.

Imports and Exports | 16 April 2019

WTO upholds Korean ban on Japanese fish imports

South Korea will continue to restrict food imports from Japan after the WTO upheld its appeal.

Imports and Exports | 10 April 2019

Trump threatens billions in tariffs on EU products

Donald Trump has said he will add new levies to EU products entering the United States.

Imports and Exports | 9 April 2019

US wine industry suffers fall in exports

The US wine industry has released disappointing export figures for 2018.

Imports and Exports | 3 April 2019

Malaysia proposes capping bauxite exports

Bauxite exports from Malaysia may resume on a strictly capped basis.

Imports and Exports | 19 March 2019

Global economy takes toll on Japanese exports

Japanese exports and imports have both fallen as the country struggles with global economic uncertainty.

Imports and Exports | 13 March 2019

India bans import of plastic waste

India will no longer accept plastic waste imports from the rest of the world.