Imports and Exports | 9 January 2019

Turkish steel exports up, despite protectionist climate

More steel came from Turkey last year, new figures have revealed.

Imports and Exports | 8 January 2019

Pakistan's coal imports 'to surge by 2020'

Pakistan is expected to be buying more coal in the coming year.

Imports and Exports | 2 January 2019

Turkey reports decrease in imports

Imports to Turkey were lower during the last part of 2018, figures have revealed.

Imports and Exports | 11 December 2018

Europe to import more Russian gas

The main natural gas supplier in Russia has said it anticipates providing more for Europe.

Imports and Exports | 6 December 2018

France to stop imports linked to deforestation

Imports that harm the environment are to be halted in France by 2030.

Imports and Exports | 4 December 2018

President Trump claims thaw in tariff war with China

Twitter comments by Donald Trump suggest China is relenting on its US car tariffs.

Imports and Exports | 20 November 2018

China to expand import ban on waste

China will be banning another eight types of waste as it seeks to curb rubbish imports going into the country.

Imports and Exports | 13 November 2018

China plans to reduce trade surplus by boosting imports

China has a plan to encourage spending in order to cut its trade deficit.

Imports and Exports | 7 November 2018

World Trade sees a boost in October

There was an increase in global trade last month, data has shown.

Imports and Exports | 16 October 2018

Swiss watch industry enjoys increase in exports

More countries are interested in Swiss watches again.