Imports and Exports | 14 August 2018

UK food and drink exports hit record levels

People all over the world are demanding British food and drink.

Imports and Exports | 8 August 2018

Chinese exports hold firm despite trade wars

More positive than expected trade data has come from China, despite ongoing disputes with the US.

Imports and Exports | 7 August 2018

Canadian beer makers struggle amid aluminum tariffs

Taxes on cans are putting smaller Canadian breweries into dire straits.

Imports and Exports | 17 July 2018

Eurozone surplus for goods traded falls

New data has shown that there has been a fall in goods trade surplus in the eurozone.

Imports and Exports | 11 July 2018

India's Iranian oil imports fall as sanctions threat looms

Oil going into India from Iran has declined as tariffs are set to come into effect.

Imports and Exports | 11 July 2018

China issues plans to expand imports

China wants to build better relationships around the world in order to foster international trade.

Imports and Exports | 11 July 2018

EU set to seek car tariff reduction agreement with US

A deal that would see a cut to import tariffs may soon be coming into effect, if new reports are to be believed.

Imports and Exports | 10 July 2018

US retail imports expected to hit record high

The US is bringing more retail goods into its ports, suggesting a strong summer for the sector.

Imports and Exports | 4 July 2018

China lifts ban on British beef imports

British beef products will no longer be off the menu in China, thanks to a new agreement.

Imports and Exports | 27 June 2018

UK reassures China of commitment to free trade

British chancellor Philip Hammond has outlined the UK's ongoing commitment to free trade ahead of an upcoming visit to China.