Intrastat Reporting


The European Union has brought many benefits with respect to customs clearance, such as e.g. the cancellation of customs formalities at the borders between EU member states. Despite of a consistent EU-wide regulation for Intrastat (system for collecting information and producing statistics related to the trade in goods between the countries of the EU), companies need to report to all different national authority systems in all EU member states. This is a tremendous challenge especially for multinational companies.

MIC INTRA is the only available software package which offers an efficient and economical solution for Intrastat declarations in all EU member states. In addition MIC INTRA supports the automatic conversion of Intrastat dispatches of the country of dispatch into country-specific declaration formats for Intrastat arrivals of the recipient country, resulting in a reduction of system interfaces and minimization of manual interference.

One solution for all EU member states
  • Developed for a quick roll-out in all EU countries
  • Reduces the number of interfaces and improves data quality by automatic conversion of intercompany shipment data into arrival data for the destination country, taking national codes and data determination logics into consideration as well
  • One central installation supporting at the same time local and national activities and requirements
  • Takes company-internal regulations into account
  • Supports the control of the national VAT statements
Automation by means of interfaces
  • Interface for CN8 data feed for all EU member states via MIC GTCS (Global Trade Content Service)
  • Transparency through complete automation and centralization for preparation of  Intrastat declarations using standard interfaces and standard processes
Saves costs and time
  • Reduced effort for preparation of monthly declarations
  • Optimized local Intrastat processes
One contact only

for all EU member states

Automatic conversion

of intercompany supplies into arrivals for the recipient country

Reduction of interfaces

saves costs and time

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