Virtual campaign aims to boost trade in least-developed countries

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The EIF has launched a new digital campaign to raise awareness of the importance of trade in the world's least-developed countries.

A new initiative has been launched to boost trade in the world's least-developed countries and raise awareness of some of the unique challenges facing these economies in 2020 as a result of the global pandemic.

The digital campaign has been developed by the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF) and is set to run for the remainder of the year.

Entitled #PowerUpTrade, it will seek to raise awareness of some of the bottlenecks and barriers to success for trade in the world's poorest nations, as well as identify ways to improve the inclusiveness of global supply chains.

Among the contributions published so far are case studies on how the impact of Covid-19 has affected a coffee supply chain in Ethiopia and the pandemic's effects on the garment industry in Bangladesh.

The EIF noted the impact of the coronavirus may have an outsized economic effect on many of the world's less-developed nations. 

This is because these countries often have limited resiliency to cope with the knock-on effects of disruptions caused by crises elsewhere in the global trading system.

As a result, these nations are especially exposed to issues that affect supply chains, markets, harvests and logistics.