Electronic Transit Procedure


With NCTS for the Electronic Transit System (ETS) not only time savings can be generated through the electronic handling of the entire shipping process, also the financial burden can be decreased through fast release of guarantees. Further advantages are the reduction of search processes through process monitoring, shortening of transport times through shorter waiting times at the border as well as complete transparency of the shipping process through electronic data administration. MIC NCTS is certified in most European countries for usage as authorized consignor and authorized consignee.

Use the benefits of the electronic transit system across the whole EU

  • Time saving by electronic management of the entire transit process
  • Less financial burden by quick release of the guarantee
  • Reduction of search processes by monitoring of execution
  • Reduction of the transport time thanks to less border waiting times
  • Full transparency of the transit process by electronic data management
  • Certified in many European countries

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