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Webinar recordings topics

We've 5 tracks of webinar recordings covering the following topics:

  • Customs Filing Webinars
    • Global complexity requires a global trade management platform – MIC’s automated GTM solutions are saving time and money!
    • The EU's Single Authorization for Simplified Procedures - See how MIC's GTM Solutions are helping you exploiting its benefits!
    • You want to benefit from Thailand’s Free Zone? MIC’s customs software solution for Thailand enables this!
    • Preparing for the CBSA Assessment and Revenue Management (CARM) Project: New tools and new rules.
    • Turning over the couch cushions. How Drawback can help you not leave any money behind.
    • IMMEX Compliance and Facilitation with MIC’s IMMEX Solution!
    • You want to benefit from China’s Processing Trade Regime MIC’s customs software solution for China enables this!
  • Central Classification Webinars
    • Efficient Customs Tariff Classification with MIC’s Central Classification System (CCS) - Making Validation Easier!
    • Precise Parts Classification with MIC's Central Classification System (CCS) - Making Validation Easier!
    • Tackling Tariff Updates with an Enthusiasm Unknown to Mankind!
  • Origin Calculation Webinars
    • Efficient management of supplier declarations, see how MIC supports you to solicit & store origin documentation.
    • What is your products’ origin? MIC software solutions support you in calculating the preferential origin of manufactured goods!
    • USMCA - Wehere are we now? Where are we going? Part I & II
    • FTAs and FTZs Are Better Together.
  • Export Control Webinars
    • Do you find it impossible to easily check for critical business partners, goods, end-use & countries MIC’s ECM supports you!
    • Are you selling goods to undesirable entities? MIC is helping you to identify denied parties with the right tools!
    • You’re struggling with precise export control classification of your parts MIC's Central Classification System will support you!
  • Data Analytics & Visualization
    • Data Analytics & Visualization takes your global customs processes to the next level! A joint webinar of MIC and AWB.
Live webinars

MIC also provides live webinars on a regular basis. Those webinars are for free and give you insights in our products and services. They will help you to understand how important it is to integrate the appropriate IT solutions into your global customs and trade compliance processes.

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