Career Events & News

Events | 18 October 2022 | FH OÖ Campus Hagenberg, FH 2 Gebäude, Softwarepark 12, 4232 Hagenber

FH- Hagenberg Career fair

We are excited to meet you at another career fair in October!

Events | 12 - 12 October 2022

JKU Career day

We are happy to join the 2022 JKU career day!

Events | 11 - 11 October 2022 | FH-Technikum Wien

Company Fair - FH-Technikum Wien

We are once again looking to offer students a chance to learn about global trade here a MIC.

Events | 4 October 2022

HTL-Perg Career Fair

The focus of our training is in the area of software development, with special consideration given to business aspects. At the same time, a sound general education is also provided.

Events | 30 September 2022 | Bahnhofstraße 52 4050 Traun

<bitday> HTBLA Traun

The HTBLA Traun organizes the company presentation day once more this year.