On-Premises Solution

Software is installed directly at the customer or their service provider.

The advantage: low running expenses.

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Software as a Service

MIC software is available via our data centers as Softare as a Service (SaaS). MIC has partnerships with managed services organizations that can assist with outsourcing if required.

The advantage: low investment expenses and "pay per use".

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MIC Suite of Features Document Download

MIC product folder - detailed information about our products available as PDF download (2.6 MB)

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Best Business Award 2015

Customs and Regulatory Trade Compliance Solutions - Global Trade Management

There are speed bumps and costs with each border crossed. Whether it is correctly classifying your goods, properly calculating origin, complying with varying and changing import and export customs regimes or export control regulations, there are savings and precious time that can be optimized. Whether dealing with current customs clearance processes, duty and taxes recuperation issues or revisions to the current regulations, MIC will help to ensure that you are always on the right track!

MIC offers a user-friendly, high-quality suite of modern software products for 48+ countries on 6 continents. Functionality can be used and/or deployed on a country by country basis. Get a higher degree of customs & regulatory trade compliance, save time and money with the standardization and automation of your customs and trade compliance processes. MIC removes the speed bumps that hinder importing and exporting with its unique Global Trade Management (GTM) platform.  

MIC products advantages:

  • Large savings in terms of time and customs expenses
  • Increased data quality with less time and effort
  • Minimal manual data entry and corrections
  • Optimized customs supply chain to speed up logistics processes
  • Compliance: direct contact with WCO (World Customs Organization), European Union, TSN (US Trade and Support Network) and national customs authorities
  • Direct electronic communications with the national customs administrations' systems (customs direct filing solution)
  • Web-enabled and secure access for customs departments and third parties through intranet and internet (global platform)
  • Role based and field based security concept
  • Increased flexibility for changing business and legal conditions
  • One global standardized customs and trade compliance system
  • Global Trade Content Service (GTCS) for the various customs processes (e.g. Tariff, Sanction Lists, Free Trade Agreement Rulings, Export Control Regulations, etc.) for 150+ countries
  • Each MIC product can be used independently or in combination with other products as part of a Global Trade Management (GTM) platform covering the entire world of customs & trade compliance software solutions

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