Mission Statement

Our focus

  • It is fundamental for us that all our activities are fair, faithful, sustainable and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • MIC is active in expanding its worldwide footprint. We are dedicated to the development, implementation and support of Global Trade Management (GTM) solutions.
  • We provide our customers with a high-quality, user-friendly suite of software products, which undergo continuous improvement and development. This allows us to ensure that our customers can rely on us to enable efficient customs & trade compliance processes and to meet regulatory customs & trade compliance requirements, providing a payback for the investment of these customers through benefits generated by use of our system.
  • We distinguish ourselves in the market by our multi-country coverage across the globe, by our depth of functionality and through our strengths in project management, software implementation and integration of our system within a company's existing trade processes. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with long-term system support through our team of support professionals and we are ready to take over fully outsourced system support upon request.

Our customers

  • MIC is dedicated to serve the needs of large multinational companies active in international trade.
  • Our focus on long-term customer relationships leads to mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Our global expansion is supported by regional offices and local employees. Our goal is to offer our customers a competent team of professionals in their regions and time zones, enabling efficient project execution.

Our employees

  • We are focused on attracting and retaining a dedicated team of professionals, whether at our global HQ in Linz or at our regional offices, which are focused on meeting the needs of MIC's customers in their region and on strengthening MIC's global position in a competitive marketplace.
  • We work as a global team, in which open communication, a positive error culture, mutual support as well as the exchange of ideas lead to best-in-class solutions for our global customer base and job satisfaction for our employees. We take care of ourselves and treat each other with courtesy.
  • We provide our employees with opportunities for professional development including the potential for challenging, international work experiences. We strive to motivate our employees to think creatively and with an eye to the overall business of MIC and the needs of our customers.
  • We encourage employees to make decisions and to act on them responsibly. As our employees are given opportunities to move up to positions of more authority within our organization, we expect them to take on corresponding management responsibilities.
  • We support a diverse workforce and mandate acceptance and respect for religious and cultural differences, as well as gender-equality.

Our business partners

  • We are dedicated to fostering mutually-beneficial partnerships with other businesses active in areas of focus complimentary to ours as well as with national customs administrations and multilateral trade associations of relevance to our customer base.
  • We maintain high quality standards for our suppliers, similar to the high levels expected by our customers. We believe that quality is essential for developing long-term positive and profitable relationships with our business partners.

Our vision for the future

  • As a privately-owned independent company our focus is on the long-term growth of the company and on a sustainable level of profit in accordance with the standards of the software industry.
  • Our financial goals are intended to ensure our ability to make necessary investments in new technologies and functionalities, to expand our geographical coverage, global sales and employee base.
  • We are focused on establishing the name of MIC as a global standard of quality within our market and have the goal of being the market leader in our area of focus.

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