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China imposes checks on food imports as coronavirus cases spike

Chinese panic over more coronavirus cases in Beijing is leading to strict new rules on food imports.

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Talks poised to begin for landmark US-Kenyan free trade deal.

July will hopefully see the opening up of discussions for a trade agreement between Kenya and the US.

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Brexit update: Face-to-face talks resume for intense discussions

The key players in Brexit are ready to meet in person to kick-start negotiations.

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UK defers customs checks to more flexible schedule

Strict new customs arrangements post-Brexit have been dropped in favour of a flexible approach.

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Netherlands records large dip in imports and exports

Disappointing figures on trade have been released from the Netherlands.

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Coronavirus disruption 'could lead to liberalization'

There may be a silver lining to coronavirus for world trade, it has been argued.

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Vietnam ratifies FTA with European Union

Vietnam has voted overwhelmingly in favour of bringing in a new free trade agreement with the EU.

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Free or Foreign Trade Zones: What are they and what are the benefits?

Here, we'll take a look at Free or Foreign Trade Zones and examine how they might benefit businesses using them, particularly in the US.

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US Drawback: What is it and how do I claim it?

Goods that head into the US but go out again could prove to be worthy of a Duty Drawback refund. Here, we'll take a look at how.

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China insists US trade agreement still stands: what next for Phase One?

China has now spoken out to say it does intend to honour its commitments and continue with 'Phase One'.