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UK exports to EU recover following post-Brexit slump

New figures show some recovery in UK exports to the EU in February, though total volumes are still down on last year.

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Aussie exporters turn to new markets in response to Chinese tariffs

A new report has revealed Australian exporters are turning to new markets to make up for additional trade barriers imposed by China.

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Vietnamese firms 'yet to take advantage' of CPTPP

Only one in four firms operating in Vietnam is fully aware of the benefits offered by CPTPP, it has been stated.

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UK firms continue to struggle with EU trade post-Brexit

New figures have revealed the extent of the collapse in trade between the UK and EU in the three months following Brexit.

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WTO forecasts "strong but uneven" post-COVID trade recovery

Global trade volumes are set to increase by eight percent this year, helped by a lower than expected decline during the pandemic in 2020.

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Could export controls hamper global vaccine distribution?

Export controls on vaccines from the EU and India could hamper global efforts to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Are tech taxes the next big transatlantic tariff fight?

The US has moved forward with consultations on proposed tariffs against the UK and five other countries in response to new digital services taxes targeting American tech firms.

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China confirms new tariffs for Australian wine

Australian wine imports to China will face tariffs of up to 218 percent for the next five years, Beijing has confirmed.

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Are new rule of origin requirements in India hampering trade?

Several Asia-Pacific countries have raised concerns about new documentation processes for importing goods to India.

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What does China's RCEP ratification mean for Asia-Pacific trade?

China's early ratification of the RCEP could help cement its dominant position in the Asia-Pacific region by facilitating more trade.