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How a free trade deal with Georgia could benefit the US

Why might the US suddenly be interested in Georgia? It might make more economic sense than you think.

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WTO and EU agree stopgap measure for appeals system

The World Trade Organisation's Appellate Body will rise again - for now.

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Trade is the best way to beat coronavirus, says WTO chief

The World Trade Organisation's Roberto Azevedo has not denied the road ahead could be tough, but urged nations to keep trading nonetheless.

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EEC says it will reduce import duties to fight coronavirus

The Eurasian Economic Commission wants to show its contribution to the battle against coronavirus by slashing import tariffs.

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China begins buying from US again as phase one trade deal kicks in

Liquefied petroleum gas and agricultural products are making their way to China from the US again.

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Brexit update: Will Johnson be forced to agree to a delay?

Calls are mounting for British prime minister Boris Johnson to agree to an extension of the Brexit transition period.

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Dubai reports on-target growth in trade

2019 proved to be a boom year for trade in Dubai, data has shown.

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Japan's imports and exports slump amid global crisis

Japan has now confirmed 15 straight months of declines in exports.

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Canada ratifies USMCA - but will pandemic threaten implementation?

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted Canada to hurriedly ratify the USMCA after months of delays.

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Africa hopes to stay on target for FTA, despite coronavirus

A spokesperson for a new free trade bloc in Africa is confident the deadline for its implementation can still be met.