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UK urges major overhauls to GB-NI trade agreement

The UK government has warned the current post-Brexit protocol governing trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland is unsustainable and needs to be changed.

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How might new Saudi tariff rules affect Gulf trade?

New customs rules in Saudi Arabia will seek to clamp down on imports from GCC free zones that benefit from preferential tariff rates.

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UK considers new trade rules for developing countries

The UK has introduced plans for a new Developing Countries Trading Scheme that will cut tariffs and other trade barriers for low-income nations.

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Understanding the UK's new freeports - what will they offer?

How could the introduction of eight new freeports in England help boost the UK economy, and what could the potential drawbacks be?

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US trade groups urge against Vietnam tariffs

A group of 76 industry bodies has urged the US government to engage with Vietnam rather than resorting to tariffs as part of an ongoing trade dispute.

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WTO publishes 2021 World Tariff Profiles guide

The latest edition of the World Tariff Profiles has been published, with a particular focus this year on NTMs.

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France considers WTO complaint over Russian champagne row

The EU may make a complaint to the WTO on behalf of French champagne producers if a row over a new labeling law in Russia cannot be resolved.

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UK signs trade deals with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein

An FTA between the UK and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein has been signed in London.

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IMF urges US to end Trump-era tariffs

A new report from the IMF has urged the US to end tariffs enacted by Donald Trump as quickly as possible.

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Indian exports hit new peak

Exports from India were at their highest level on record in the second quarter of 2021, new figures have revealed.