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Western sanctions boost Russian trade with Turkey

Industry groups in Turkey have reported increased demand from Russia since the introduction of sanctions on Moscow by Western nations.

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India cuts diesel export duties as trade deficit widens

Export duties of petroleum products from India have been cut in response to an increase in the country's trade deficit.

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US-Mexico-Canada energy dispute grows - what could the consequences be?

A dispute between Mexico, the US and Canada about the former's energy policies could lead to significant new tariffs on goods being exported from Mexico to its USMCA partners.

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WTO finds in favor of EU in dispute over pharmaceutical imports

A WTO arbitration panel has agreed with an EU claim that new rules in Turkey favoring locally-produced pharmaceutical products are discriminatory against foreign manufacturers.

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Ireland trade hits new record despite Brexit challenges

Imports and exports to and from the Republic of Ireland reached record levels in 2021 despite the impact of Brexit and Covid, a new report reveals.

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How are Chinese tariffs affecting the US tech sector?

A new report has claimed US importers paid $32 billion in tariffs on Chinese-made tech products since 2018. Is the time right to remove these additional duties?

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A UK-Israel FTA: What could it involve?

Talks have been launched on a new FTA between the UK and Israel - but who stands to benefit from such a deal?

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WTO joins call for action to tackle global food security crisis

A new joint report has urged immediate action to facilitate trade in order to relieve the current food security crisis.

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Lithuania brings in tougher restrictions on Kaliningrad trade

Lithuania has toughened its restrictions on the flow of trade through its territory to Kaliningrad, with concrete, wood and alcohol among the goods now prohibited.

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Global trade value reaches record high, but threats remain

New figures from UNCTAD show Q1 2022 saw the highest global trade volume on record, driven largely by higher prices for energy and other key commodities.