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US unveils new focus sectors for enforcement of Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act

The US has added aluminum, PVC and seafood to a list of high-priority items for enforcement of anti-forced labor laws targeting China.

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Countries continuing to introduce trade-facilitating measures: WTO

A new WTO report has found the number of new trade facilitation measures is outpacing rules aimed at restricting trade.

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EU and China agree to talks ahead of new tariffs

Officials from the EU and China are set to meet this week in an effort to reach a deal that will avoid new tariffs on EVs.

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Are the EU and China poised for a trade war over new tariffs?

What could new EU tariffs on electric vehicles mean for trade relations between the bloc and China?

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German chancellor warns against trade war as EU tariffs loom

With the EU set to announce new tariffs on Chinese EV imports, German chancellor Olaf Scholz has spoken out against new trade barriers.

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China threatens retaliation against EU as trade dispute widens

Chinese media have raised the prospect of retaliatory tariffs on EU goods if Brussels continues its probes into Beijing's trade practices.

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US announces new tariffs on Chinese imports

New tariffs on $18 billion of Chinese imports have been announced by the US government.

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What do firms need to manage sanctions lists and automated screening?

How can firms go about ensuring they remain compliant with sanctions screening rules through the use of automation?

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Traders warn of added costs as new post-Brexit checks begin

New customs checks on medium-risk goods entering the UK have come into force, with the government forecasting the fees will cost UK firms £330 million a year.

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Leveraging FTAs to optimize supply chains - why the right tools can help

How can firms benefit from FTA software to optimize their supply chains?