Industry News | 23 April 2019

Drinks industry boosts British exports

British exports have been reaping the rewards from a healthy drinks industry.

Industry News | 23 April 2019

Issues for oil traders as US announces end of Iran sanctions waivers

The US will not be renewing waivers to its Iranian oil sanctions.

Legislation | 17 April 2019

EU and Singapore sign a new deal - what will it mean for their economies?

A new economic deal has been agreed between the EU and Singapore that should make trade flow more easily.

Legislation | 16 April 2019

Africa's FTA gets enough signatures to go into operation

The Gambia has become the 22nd nation to sign up to the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Imports and Exports | 16 April 2019

WTO upholds Korean ban on Japanese fish imports

South Korea will continue to restrict food imports from Japan after the WTO upheld its appeal.

Legislation | 10 April 2019

China-EU Comprehensive Investment Agreement may be forthcoming

The EU and China have committed to a new trade agreement for 2020.

Imports and Exports | 10 April 2019

Trump threatens billions in tariffs on EU products

Donald Trump has said he will add new levies to EU products entering the United States.

Industry News | 10 April 2019

WTO downgrades trade growth forecast

The WTO expects global trade growth of just 2.6 per cent in 2019.

Imports and Exports | 9 April 2019

US wine industry suffers fall in exports

The US wine industry has released disappointing export figures for 2018.

Brexit | 9 April 2019

EU 'would discuss a customs union with UK'

Michel Barnier would be open to talking about a UK/EU customs union, he has said.