Customs Software - Customs (Self) Filing Software Solution for Global Customs Management


Unique in the world: MIC-CUST® offers a consistent international customs software resp. customs (self) filing solution on one single technical platform for real Global Customs Management – for more than 55 countries. This gives companies the power of automatic electronic import and export clearance processes incl. special customs regimes and inventory management. It also provides the ability to generate the import customs declaration in one country from export data of another country. A special advantage for intercompany shipments!

If required, MIC's Global Customs Management system allows for easy electronic transfer of data to third parties (e.g. brokers, forwarders). In addition, configurable return interfaces to MIC-CUST® are provided for the customs declarations made by third parties (e.g. brokers) to ensure transparency, control and consequently broker management. This not only reduces errors and increases compliance through higher data quality, but will also reduce the effort and costs needed from these third parties. A preferred option is simply to give these third parties direct access to the MIC system and eliminate the need for integration altogether. It is important not to forget MIC's integrated port communication MIC PCSI, this is the interface for electronic data exchange with the port management IT systems for ocean-going vessels (e.g. with the Portbase Port Community System in Rotterdam).

And, with its guarantee management module (GUM), MIC-CUST® enables companies to monitor the reference amount of one or more guarantees for customs duties, and this across clients. This simplifies the process of monitoring guarantees for several operations, customs declarations or customs procedures.

MIC-CUST® offers the largest coverage in the GTM market with respect to direct electronic connectivity with national customs authority systems in countries where it is available. This results in elevated efficiency, transparency, legal certainty and eliminates the need to invest in country-specific IT solutions — saving you time and money.

Global customs software modules for global customs management

Import & Export Clearance

MIC-CUST® Import & Export enables next to the creation of customs import and export declarations for 55+ countries also an automated calculation of duties and taxes. Additionally the use of the EU's ...

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Global Trade Data Chain

MIC's Global Trade Data Chain (MIC-CUST® GTDC) software enables the automatic preparation of the import customs declaration based on the related export ...

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Temporary Storage

MIC-CUST® TS allows the handling of goods that are put into temporary storage before beeing ...

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Special Customs Regimes

Realize saving potentials in the scope of customs duties thanks to the use of special customs procedures such as e.g. inward processing, bonded warehouse, AFD, IMMEX, free & foreign trade zone ...

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Recalculation of Duties

MIC-CUST® RECALC allows the recalculation of duties after initial filing to authorities for the purpose of reconciliation filing and provides a ...

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Electronic Transit Procedure

With NCTS for the Electronic Transit System (ETS) not only time savings can be generated through the electronic handling of the entire shipping process also the financial burden can be decreased through ...

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Monitoring of Guarantees

MIC-CUST® GUM enables companies to monitor the reference amount of one or more guarantees, and this across...

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Benefits of MIC's global customs management software modules

01 One single system

certified for import and export customs declarations in many countries worldwide for directly exchanging data with national customs authority systems

04 Adjustment of the software

to national legal changes as part of the maintenance agreement

07 Largest coverage in

the market with respect to countries & supported customs regimes without the need to invest in many national IT systems

02 Long-term practical experience

in operating EU's Single Authorization for Simplified Procedure (SASP) acting as forerunner for the planned EU's Centralised Clearance

05 Saving potentials

in customs duties thanks to the use of special regional and national customs regimes

08 Easy and trouble free handling

in one central place to record all data for global customs management

03 Generate the import

customs declaration in one country from export data of another country

06 Direct data exchange

with electronic filing systems of the national customs authorities or where required with brokers via configurable broker interfaces

09 Data & predictive analytics

for the control and optimization of the foreign trade transactions

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