Legislation | 12 December 2018

WTO issues warning over restrictive trade measures

The World Trade Organization wants its member states to do everything they can to reverse the trend for protectionism.

Legislation | 12 December 2018

EU calls for Kosovo to remove 100 per cent tariffs

Johannes Hahn from the European Union wants Kosovo to remove tariffs it has issued on some of its fellow Balkan states.

Legislation | 29 November 2018

Could a New Zealand/UK trade agreement be on the cards?

New Zealand has opened up a consultation on a trade deal with the UK.

Legislation | 28 November 2018

What is the World Trade Organization - and does it still have a future?

As criticism of the World Trade Organization mounts, where will it go from here?

Legislation | 21 November 2018

US restrictions on tech exports 'could threaten trade relations'

Deutsche Bank AG is among those warning the US not to impose restrictions on technology exports.

Legislation | 14 November 2018

Australia-Indonesia free trade deal delayed over embassy spat

Australia's proposal of moving its embassy in the Middle East has caused delays to a free trade agreement in Asia.

Legislation | 13 November 2018

Canada: Full trade deal with China is possible

Canada may want a free trade deal with China, trade minister Jim Carr has said.

Legislation | 6 November 2018

Iranian oil sanctions may backfire as waivers are granted

Some countries will now not have to adhere to new rules about buying Iranian oil.

Legislation | 31 October 2018

Replacement for TPP could be set to kick in this year

The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership looks set to be effective before 2018 is out after Australia agreed to join in.

Legislation | 31 October 2018

EU and Singapore sign new trade deal

A new trade deal has been reached between the European Union and Singapore.