Legislation | 18 July 2018

IMF issues warning over cost of tariff war

The global economy could lose billions thanks to the seeds of trade wars being sown, the IMF has warned.

Legislation | 17 July 2018

EU-Japan trade agreement to be signed today

An historic trade agreement between the European Union and Japan is to be signed this week.

Legislation | 18 June 2018

Minister declares Italian government opposition to EU-Canada trade deal

Italy's new agriculture minister has stated that his government is not willing to ratify the free trade agreement between the EU and Canada.

Legislation | 12 June 2018

EU ushers in new trade defense rules

The EU has brought new trade defense rules into force to help the union take more decisive action over unfair trading practices.

Legislation | 5 June 2018

China warns that US tariffs could jeopardize current trade talks

China has warned the US that the progress they have made in their ongoing trade negotiations could be undone if proposed US tariffs are brought into effect.

Legislation | 1 June 2018

US imposes steel and aluminum tariffs on EU, Canada and Mexico

Global trade tensions have been reignited by the decision by the US to go ahead with imposing steel and aluminum tariffs on the EU, Canada and Mexico.

Legislation | 30 May 2018

EU moves ahead of UK in queue for FTAs with Australia and New Zealand

The EU could be set to commence talks with Australia and New Zealand over free trade agreements in the coming weeks.

Legislation | 17 May 2018

The Trade Facilitation Agreement: how is its implementation proceeding?

Significant progress has been made towards the global implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement, but further work is still needed to achieve full ratification.

Legislation | 14 May 2018

African Continental Free Trade Area ratified in Kenya and Ghana

Kenya and Ghana have become the first countries to ratify the African Continental Free Trade Area, with many more nations having also commenced the process.

Legislation | 10 May 2018

China, Japan and South Korea call for greater cooperation on free trade

Leaders from China, Japan and South Korea have met to discuss the importance of establishing stronger trade links between the nations.