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Bill introduced to implement UK FTAs with Australia and New Zealand

The UK government has introduced a bill to support the implementation of new free trade agreements with Australia and New Zealand.

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Beer case highlights importance of correct export declarations

A company contravened US federal law by exporting flavored beers, it has been claimed.

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Could carbon tariffs become a future reality for world trade?

Taxes on carbon-hungry products at country borders may not be too far away.

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How might new Saudi tariff rules affect Gulf trade?

New customs rules in Saudi Arabia will seek to clamp down on imports from GCC free zones that benefit from preferential tariff rates.

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Could Turkey-Egypt FTA be under threat?

Egypt wants out of a trade deal that it says is now more beneficial to Turkey.

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UK and India agree new trade partnership

An Enhanced Trade Partnership has been agreed between the UK and India.

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Assessing the impact of China's new export control laws

New export control laws coming into force in China this month will greatly increase complexity for anyone whose supply chain includes the country.

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Canada explores stopgap regulations to avoid post-Brexit tariffs

The Canadian government is planning a temporary order to ensure tariffs are not imposed on UK imports while a free trade agreement waits to be ratified by parliament.

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EU imposes tariffs on £4bn of US goods

Tariffs on $4 billion worth of US imports to the EU have come into effect as the dispute over aircraft subsidies continues.

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UK-Japan FTA: A more detailed look at an historic deal

Here, we'll take a closer look at the UK-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement and what it might mean for both nations.