Trump criticises WTO at meeting with Dutch PM

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Donald Trump has said the World Trade Organization has not been treating America well, furthering suggestions the nation may withdraw.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has come under heavy criticism from US president Donald Trump as he took part in a meeting with Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte.


A consultation on trade and security involving the two leaders was taking place at the White House ahead of the NATO summit in Brussels next week, but talk turned to America's stance on the WTO when reporters raised the question in the Oval Office.


When asked if he planned to withdraw from the organisation, Mr Trump said: "WTO has treated the United States very badly and I hope they change their ways. And we're not planning anything now, but if they don't treat us properly we will be doing something."


Last week, news provider Axios leaked suggestions that the president is keen to withdraw from the WTO, but treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin swiftly issued a denial that this is the case.


However, commerce secretary Wilbur Ross perhaps fanned the flames of the rumor mill when he said it is 'too soon' to discuss any withdrawal.


The US has been taking an aggressive stance on trade since Mr Trump ascended to the presidency, something that has frequently angered its allies in Europe and China.