British people 'largely keen to remain in European single market'

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The majority of British people are keen for the UK to remain in the European single market after Brexit, according to a new survey.

A new survey has demonstrated widespread public support within the UK for the country to remain in the European single market after Brexit.

The BBC commissioned a ComRes poll that revealed that 66 per cent believe maintaining access to the single market - thereby allowing Britain to maintain free trade with the EU - should be the government's priority when negotiating the UK's EU exit.

Prime minister Theresa May has already stated that the country will leave the single market in order to end the freedom of movement of EU citizens and regain control of immigration, but the survey revealed that only 31 per cent of the public see this as a top priority.

It was also shown that 51 per cent of Britons would be satisfied if Britain maintained access to the single market, even if it meant that EU immigration continued. By contrast, only 45 per cent said they would be dissatisfied.

Additionally, 52 per cent said they want the UK to stay in the single market, with extra limits on immigration, while a further 18 per cent would be happy to stay under the current rules. Only 26 per cent support Mrs May's current approach of leaving the bloc completely.