Special Customs Regimes incl. Inventory Management


Realize saving potential in the scope of customs duties thanks to the use of special customs regimes (incl. inventory management) such as e.g. inward processing relief, bonded warehouse, IMMEX, free zone, foreign trade zone, duty drawback, processing trade and many more. MIC-CUST® integrates all necessary import and export clearance functionalities to guarantee data consistency, compliance with legal retention obligations as well as the minimization of manual data input and correction efforts.

Provides you a full set of inventory management features

  • Complete audit trail, starting with the inventory-generating customs declaration to complete stock reduction of the specific inventory
  • Each inventory addition and removal is identified by an inventory category, an inventory type and a reference to the transaction
  • Management of import limits for defined tariff numbers based on quantity and/or value as well as validity periods according to customs authorization
  • Calculation of the expiry date of each inventory entry according to customs authorization
  • Check of re-import and re-export time limits including configurable automated globalization procedure according to customs authorization
  • Supports blocking of stock (withdrawals by MIC-CUST® Import and MIC-CUST® Export are not possible from blocked stock)
  • The stock withdrawal logic supports identity principle, configurable deduction sequences (e.g. FIFO), prior export principle and BOM explosion
  • Configurable ‘fill or kill’ feature for stock withdrawal
  • Track & trace on bill of materials level including real-time BOM explosion (e.g. for tracking of relevant goods from import to re-export of the finished product)
  • Supports different methods for calculating of customs duties (e.g. draw-back, suspension, difference and added-value customs value assessment) including possible interest calculation
  • Supports transfer from one inventory to another inventory (zone-to-zone transfer)
  • Automated stock reconciliation and adjustment function via interfaces to ERP systems (additions/withdrawals) to cover various processes (e.g. scrap)


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