Data Analytics & Visualization


Data Analytics & Visualization is a core requirement for internationally operating companies to leverage their typically large amounts of data to identify patterns, trends, new opportunities, and problem areas across global compliance processes. The MIC Data Analytics & Visualization solution integrates the best of data management and analytics capabilities to support businesses in making intelligent and comprehensible data-driven decisions.

The MIC Data Analytics & Visualization solution provides insights to an organization that are essential for it to successfully discover, monitor, and analyze valuable information about the business and its operations.

By providing such insights, the MIC Data Analytics & Visualization solution aims to enable businesses to interpret data smarter, make better decisions and optimize their worldwide customs processes. It really is a must-have capability in any modern customs software package, because it enables businesses to leverage customs-related data to detect data inconsistencies and mitigate compliance risk. It also helps businesses to identify new optimization potentials. The ultimate goal is to provide businesses with the ability to easily analyze and visualize meaningful data.

What does MIC Data Analytics consist of?

The MIC Data Analytics solution consists of a set of modules designed to serve analytics ready datasets. It enables a flexible and efficient ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) process of the data and offers the possibility to perform analytics and data visualization on the available datasets. Also, it is possible to choose a certain functionality of the module rather than having the whole solution. The following features are supported:

  • Dataset: The solution provides pre-defined country-specific datasets for various data flows (e.g. import, export). For example, an import dataset contains information about the importer, imported goods, invoice, supplier, declarant, price, transportation, duties & taxes, fees and much more.
  • ETL (Extract, Transform and Load): Collects, translates and transforms data from different sources (e.g. Authority Reports, Broker Declaration Data, MIC-CUST® Import, MIC-CUST® Export, Internal IT-Systems) into readable language according to WCO, EU and country-specific data sets. In context with trade content such as customs tariffs and free trade agreements, these data sets are enriched and transformed into valuable information.
  • Data Serving API: RESTful API allows you to integrate the data into your own ERP system, BI tool or reporting tool. Data can also be exported in various file formats (e.g. CSV, JSON).
  • Business Intelligence: The embedded Apache Superset BI tool supports the creation of charts & dashboards and visualization of data. It comes with predefined analytics queries based on the available datasets, as well as predefined charts & dashboards. A highly intuitive user interface allows end users to easily make individual adjustments.

Easy to start with

The MIC Data Analytics & Visualization module can be run integrated with the various MIC modules, but also stand-alone. It’s therefore a perfect starting point for gaining visibility into an organization’s global customs processes. The system is built entirely with open-source tools and offered as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution. It enables fast and easy access to dashboards, reports, and key metrics.


Minimize static reporting

through immediate access to real-time data

Improved decision making

thanks to market behavior identification based on relevant business data

Easily identify

problem areas across the global organization


compliance & audit-readiness

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