UK trade visit to India results in more than £1bn in new deals

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An estimated £1 billion in deals have been generated as a result of British prime minister Theresa May's recent trade visit to India.

Around £1.2 billion (€1.39 billion) worth of new business deals between UK and Indian companies have been secured as a result of a recent trade visit by Theresa May to India.

The British prime minister spent time in India from November 6th to 8th on what was her first trade visit since succeeding David Cameron as head of state, and used the opportunity to lay the foundations for a deeper relationship between the UK and India post-Brexit.

Businesses including Dynamatic, Airbus, Dyson, Buffalo Grid, Westminster Healthcare, Gurr Jones, He-Man Dual Controls, Wockhardt and Kloudpad were among the organizations to secure lucrative new contracts as a result of Mrs May's visit.

India is currently the UK's second largest international job creator, with the country helping to supply 7,105 new jobs in Britain through 140 projects. In total, Indian companies employ more than 100,000 people in the UK, and the British government is keen to build on this.

Mrs May said: "We have an agreement with the Indian government to work with them on our trade relationship. What that means is more trade for British businesses, more jobs and investment in the UK, and that's good for the whole country."