UK joins complaint against China over Lithuania

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More support has been garnered for Lithuania in a trade row with China.


The UK has pledged its support for the European Union in a complaint against Chinese sanctions on Lithuania, it has been reported.

According to Reuters, Britain will join the US and Australia in a challenge made to the Geneva-based World Trade Organization about what is being seen as discriminatory trade practices against the Baltic nation.

The disagreement began in November last year, when Lithuania opened a de facto Taiwanese embassy within its borders. China disagrees with any attempt at Taiwanese sovereignty and went on to accuse Lithuania of systemic racism.

Then, in December, it took the extraordinary step of banning all Lithuanian products from entering its ports, effectively wiping it from the global trade map.

Australia, Taiwan and the US have already suggested they intend to join the EU after it made an official WTO complaint, and it now appears the UK is doing the same.

British secretary of state for international trade Anne-Marie Trevelyan said in a tweet that the move will "ensure we combat economic coercion in trade together".

The parties involved in the complaint now have 60 days to reach a resolution before a formal dispute needs to be set up before a WTO panel.