Excise Tax (Excise Movement and Control System)


The transport of goods subject to excise tax (alcohol, tobacco and energy products) under tax suspension attracts strict obligations in the EU.  All businesses were required to handle these obligations electronically since January 2011, which is a great challenge to many of them.

For this purpose, we offer MIC EMCS (Excise Movement and Control System) as the optimal software solution – EU-wide and via one single platform. Moreover: MIC EMCS also allows electronic data transfer with authority systems of the individual EU states as well as monitoring of transport of such specific goods within the Community. An electronic notification will immediately be sent as soon as the goods have arrived at their destination. MIC EMCS avoids a number of error sources as well as additional efforts and thus you save time and costs – quite simply.

One EU-wide software solution
  • for transmission and receipt of the electronic administrative document (e-AD)
  • as efficient use of modern IT tools
  • for monitoring and control of goods liable to excise tax using real-time data
  • to safeguard the transport of goods by checking the retailer’s data prior to dispatch of the goods
  • as fast and secure proof that the goods have arrived at their destination
  • for the receipt of the administrative reference code (ARC)
For process optimization
  • Acceleration of transit declaration by integration with the existing systems
  • Fully automatic exchange of messages with the different country-specific administration systems provides advantages in the event of time critical transactions
  • Saves time and money
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