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Are tech taxes the next big transatlantic tariff fight?

The US has moved forward with consultations on proposed tariffs against the UK and five other countries in response to new digital services taxes targeting American tech firms.

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India increases import taxes on palm oil

Taxes on controversial palm oil have increased again in India.

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India's Export Promotion Capital Goods scheme - what you need to know

What do manufacturers in India need to know about the EPCG scheme for imports of capital goods?

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Can trading relations between Australia and China be salvaged?

As Australia takes its complaints against China's trade policies to the WTO, what does the future hold for the two countries' relationship?

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WTO rules US tariffs on China were unfair

The US is angered that the WTO has ruled in favor of China in a row over tariffs.

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WTO sets up dispute panel after Turkish complaint in EU row over steel

The World Trade Organization must now investigate Turkey's allegations that the EU is treating it unfairly over steel.

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US customs to bring in new ruling to tackle counterfeiting

Section 321 is to be amended to prevent counterfeiters taking advantage of a legal loophole.

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WTO sets up review panel on Indian ICT tariffs

A complaint about India's tech tariffs has prompted the World Trade Organization to respond.

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Canada and US go tit-for-tat over aluminum

Canada has said it will retaliate after the US put new tariffs on its metal products.

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Turkey welcomes steel tariff ruling against Trump

Donald Trump did not have the right to place extra duties on Turkish steel, it has been ruled.