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India cuts diesel export duties as trade deficit widens

Export duties of petroleum products from India have been cut in response to an increase in the country's trade deficit.

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Could carbon tariffs become a future reality for world trade?

Taxes on carbon-hungry products at country borders may not be too far away.

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Brazil cuts import tariffs on IT products

Import taxes on a range of IT products will no longer apply in Brazil.

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India considering 'partial customs relief' for Tesla

Tesla is seeking partial customs relief for electric vehicles imports from India, but the country wants some assurances in return.

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Customs valuation raised on Chinese-origin cellphones in Pakistan

Pakistan has made a change to the customs values of cellphones and accessories coming from China in a bid to accurately assess import duties and taxes.

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Understanding the UK's new freeports - what will they offer?

How could the introduction of eight new freeports in England help boost the UK economy, and what could the potential drawbacks be?

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US announces and delays retaliatory 'tech tax' duties

The US has targeted six countries for tariffs in response to new DST levies, but has suspended their introduction for up to 180 days.

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Indian importers face new requirements to enjoy concessionary duties

India's CBIC has set out new rules for businesses aiming to avail themselves of reduced customs rates for imported manufacturing materials.

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Are tech taxes the next big transatlantic tariff fight?

The US has moved forward with consultations on proposed tariffs against the UK and five other countries in response to new digital services taxes targeting American tech firms.

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India increases import taxes on palm oil

Taxes on controversial palm oil have increased again in India.