Japan lifts import ban on Polish poultry

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Japan is allowing Polish poultry products to be imported again.

Japan has said it is lifting a ban on the importation of Polish poultry products that was introduced last year.

The restrictions were brought in after several recorded outbreaks of HPAI (avian influenza) in the eastern European nation.

A poultry farm was the first to recognize the highly pathogenic virus on New Year's Eve, which prompted Polish authorities to focus on preventing its spread elsewhere.

Although no human infections have been reported, several countries introduced bans on Polish poultry in a bid to prevent further infection.

Now, Japan's Chief Veterinary Inspectorate said it will join Singapore, Armenia and Hong Kong in lifting the restrictions.

As such, meat and eggs produced on or after July 30th 2020 can be exported to Japan once more.

A communiqué said the decision was "thanks to the efforts of Poland's chief veterinarian and the Polish diplomatic mission in Tokyo".

Poland is the sixth biggest producer of eggs in Europe and it exports up to 30 per cent of the protein-rich foodstuff.

Unfortunately, coronavirus has also impacted Poland's poultry exports, with sales abroad down by around 12 per cent in March.