UK government outlines plans to promote exports in 2017

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The UK government has highlighted the steps it will be taking to promote exporting from Britain in 2017.

The British government has outlined a series of initiatives it will be pushing forward in 2017 to encourage UK businesses to export.

According to the UK Department for International Trade, more than 20 sectors spanning in excess of 50 countries have been identified as strong prospects for export growth, with almost 200 high-value exporting campaigns to target these markets being developed.

These include renewable energy projects in Kenya, advanced manufacturing in Brazil, infrastructure projects in Hong Kong and mainland China, construction in the Philippines, technology in India, Japan and Mexico, and healthcare in China and the Gulf.

The Department for International Trade has also pledged to continue working with its 44 business ambassadors and 20 trade envoys to regularly identify additional prospective markets where the UK's export capabilities might be expanded.

UK international trade secretary Dr Liam Fox said: "We have a real opportunity to build on this country’s wide range of successful exports, reach out to new markets and help more businesses achieve their exporting potential."