Turkey posts highest export figures ever

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Turkey had its best February ever in terms of exports, new figures have shown.

The surge in exports from Turkey shows no sign of abating, with the country posting its highest ever figures for February this week.

Speaking at a news conference in Ankara, trade minister Ruhsar Pekcan presented data from the Turkish Exporters' Assembly showing that exports based on the special trade system rose 3.5 per cent year-on-year to $13.6 billion (€12.6 billion).

On the general trade system, exports grew by 3.7 per cent annually. Meanwhile, imports on the general trade system fell 18.7 per cent and imports on the special trade system totalled $16.2 billion.

"We reckon that foreign trade will continue to lower the financing needs from abroad this year," Pekcan said.

On a sector-by-sector basis, the automotive industry performed best in terms of export value, followed by the chemicals sector and then textiles and garments.

Germany, the UK and Italy proved to be the top three destinations for Turkish goods in February and sales to the European Union recorded a 2.3 per cent rise.

Meanwhile, exports to India, Russia and Mexico also demonstrated significant increases, showing expansion in these markets that could prove fruitful going forward.