UK reassures China of commitment to free trade

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British chancellor Philip Hammond has outlined the UK's ongoing commitment to free trade ahead of an upcoming visit to China.

The UK has reaffirmed its commitment to exploring new free trade opportunities in collaboration with China.

Ahead of economic talks in Beijing, British chancellor Philip Hammond has told Chinese financial magazine Caixin that the purpose of the trip will be to show that Britain remains a "long-term trusted partner" to China, and that it will continue to support trade liberalization and a free market even after its departure from the European Union.

Key aims of the talks will be to encourage two-way trade and investment and strengthen cooperation in financial services, while also exploring ways that Britain can contribute to and benefit from China's Belt and Road infrastructure programme.

Mr Hammond said: "Britain is committed to promoting free and open trade, and as Britain and its European cooperation partners form a new relationship, we will deepen our relations with other regions around the world."

The UK's stance is likely to be welcomed by China, which is actively seeking to strengthen its European alliances following the recent trade conflict with the US.