Swiss coffee exports reach record high

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Switzerland sent out a bumper amount of coffee last year, figures have revealed.

Exports of coffee from Switzerland have reached record highs, according to new data from its Federal Customs Administration.

The figures showed 83,819 tonnes of the product was shipped out last year, a huge increase from the 12,747 tonnes recorded in 2006.

Around 98 per cent in volume of the coffee exported was roasted in whole bean, ground or decaf forms, with the Swiss roasting process adding value to the end product.

This makes Switzerland one of the top five processed coffee exporters in the world and means it sends out more of this product than cheese or chocolate.

Most Swiss coffee (43 per cent) goes to its neighbours France, Germany, Italy and Austria, but the US is also a big market and pays the highest price for Swiss roasted coffee.

Meanwhile, imports have increased by around one-and-a-half times since the millennium as Switzerland keeps buying raw coffee beans to keep up with demand.

The majority of this is unroasted and comes from Brazil (23 per cent), Colombia (14 per cent) and Vietnam (nine per cent).

Coffee is the most popular drink worldwide and around two billion cups are consumed across the globe every day, according to the British Coffee Association.