Japan enjoys boom in gin exports

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Nations across the globe are enjoying Japanese gin.

Japan is reaping the rewards of a global boom in gin consumption, with exports of the beverage hitting new records.

According to data from Osaka Customs seen by the Japan Times, the nation exported 3,714 kiloliters of locally-produced gin between January and October 2021. This volume and its value exceeded the amount recorded during the whole of 2019, the year that had previously set a record.

The customs agency attributed this all-time high to demand for gin rising across the globe and customers seeking new variations of the product to try. Europe and North America in particular proved to be growth markets, accounting for more than 60 per cent of Japan's gin exports during the ten months in question.

"Japanese gin is considered to have a good flavor, and it has received more recognition abroad," a spokesperson from Suntory Holdings Ltd told the news provider.

The Wall Street Journal notes there are now 41 locations licensed to make gin by Japan's National Tax Agency, with the most famous being the Kyoto Distillery established in 2014.

Japan has also previously been recognized for its high-quality whisky, with sales of the beverage outside the Asian nation now rising at around nine per cent per year, according to Euromonitor International.