Turkey looks to Middle East for trade

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With gaps in trade left by Russia and Ukraine, Turkey needs to build new relationships elsewhere.

Turkey may be looking to build bridges in the Middle East in order to make up the deficit in trade that has resulted from the Russia-Ukraine war. 
According to data from the Turkish Exporters’ Assembly seen by Middle East Eye, Turkish exports to Saudi Arabia in particular leapt by a quarter during the first three months of 2022. 
This is significant, as there have been frosty relations between the two countries since the death of a Turkish journalist at the hands of Saudi agents in 2018, which led to Riyadh accusing Turkey of trying to oust their Crown Prince and a decline in trade. 
However, reports suggest behind-the-scenes talks have been taking place between the two countries recently as Turkey seeks to ease the pressure on its economy amid record inflation. 
Indeed, Ankara has also been working on its relations with Israel and Egypt, both of which had previously been somewhat unsympathetic. 
The news comes after the Daily Sabah reported that Turkish exports to Russia and Ukraine slipped by more than 55 percent in March after conflict there affected shipments and demand. 
Turkey shares a maritime border with the two nations and had previously had a positive relationship with both, but it will now undoubtedly be feeling the loss of their trade and looking to fill the gap by looking elsewhere – even if that means building somewhat unlikely bridges.