China issues plans to expand imports

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China wants to build better relationships around the world in order to foster international trade.

The Chinese State Council has issued a set of plans that it hopes will see the nation boost its imports and build new international trade relationships.

Its statement said it is keen to improve the domestic supply of products, meet increasing consumer demand and advance trade balance, so the import of consumer goods, medicines and senior care equipment will be a particular focus.

To develop the service trade, more technological equipment will be brought into the country and it is expected that this will bring about industrial upgrades too.

The statement also calls for strengthening cooperation between China and other nations through the use of free trade zones and preferential tariff policies.

It is hoped that this - as well as other channels such as hosting the China International Import Expo - will help to foster a positive environment in which to conduct international trade.

Meanwhile, another part of the statement that may interest regular exporters of products was China's intention to build up an international 'single window' that will simplify the customs process.

This comes after Britain reaffirmed its commitment to exploring new free trade opportunities with China following the Asian nation's trade conflict with the US.