Dubai brings in zero customs duty for Expo 2020

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Any products being exported for Expo 2020 will not attract duties in Dubai, it has been revealed.

Dubai has revealed that all goods entering the city state to be exhibited at Expo 2020 will be able to do so free of all customs duties.

According to state news agency WAM, a customs clearance system has been implemented that means exporters can register online for faster, easier and 'seamless' entry of goods for the special event.

Expo 2020 will run from October 20th 2020 until April 10th 2021 and is expected to attract more than 25 million visitors.

It features an array of exhibits and attractions, including a country pavilion that will showcase narratives and produce from 192 nations across the globe.

Exhibitors and participants will be able to download a Customs Procedure Guide laying out how the zero-tariff period will work and what they need to do to register goods.

Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum said he made the decision to better support those involved with Expo 2020 and ensure they can get everything they want to Dubai.

Executive director of the city's customer management division Mohammed Al Khaja added: "We work hard to ensure [the] best services and facilities are delivered to participants in Expo 2020. We will also facilitate permits of restricted goods issued by local and federal entities."