China reopens imports of Canadian pork and beef

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China will be buying Canadian meat again after relenting on a ban.

China will resume its imports of Canadian pork and beef after a ban that came about as a result of a spat involving export certificates was lifted.

Shipments of both meats from the North American nation to China had been stopped in June after Beijing claimed documentation detailing their exportation had been falsified.

This week, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau said the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has presented a detailed plan to Chinese customs officials detailing how it would ensure no further export certificate fraud occurs.

As a result, the Chinese market has reopened, with export certificates able to be signed as early as this week to send Canadian pork and beef overseas once more.

An unnamed Canadian source suggested the lifting of the ban partially came about because China does not want to be too reliant on US meat and is also keen to reduce the number of trade wars it is currently fighting.

In 2018, China was Canada's third-largest market for pork exports and the fifth-largest for beef.