Japanese export growth stretches to 12th consecutive month

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Japan has recorded a 12th consecutive month of export growth in November, according to new economic data.

Japan's recent economic growth has continued in November with a 12th consecutive month of improving export conditions.

The value of the nation's exports rose 16.2 per cent from a year earlier, representing the largest individual gain posted since August, as well as exceeding the Bloomberg economists' forecast of a 14.7 per cent improvement.

Meanwhile, imports increased 17.2 per cent, which was slightly below the 18 per cent estimate. It meant that Japan recorded a trade surplus of 113.4 billion yen (€1.14 billion) for November, bucking expectations of a 40 billion yen deficit.

The recent strong export performance has helped to drive record profits for Japanese businesses, while driving up capital spending during what is now the longest economic expansion since the mid-1990s.

Norio Miyagawa, a senior economist at Mizuho Securities, said: "We can expect exports will remain strong enough to lead Japan's economy, with solid demand from US and China. Without any sign of weakening in exports, Japan’s economy will probably keep recovering gradually."