Turkey's exports hit record high

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More products are being sent abroad by Turkey than ever before.


The volume of products being exported by Turkey has hit a record high, according to new figures from its trade minister.

Mehmet Mus said at a trade conference attended by the Daily Sabah this week that exports had reached $20.8 billion (€17.9 billion) in October 2021, the largest figure ever seen.

This was a 20.2 percent increase compared to the same time last year, with motor vehicles, iron and steel, and boilers and machines being the most frequently exported items.

The majority of Turkey's exports went to Germany, followed by the US and the UK.

Imports were also found to have climbed 13 percent during October, meaning the exports-to-imports coverage ratio was logged as 93.4 percent.

"Very soon, we will have achieved the target of Turkey posting a surplus in foreign trade," Mr Mus said.

It comes after figures from the World Trade Organization and the Turkish Statistical Institute showed Turkey's share of global exports had surpassed one per cent for the first time ever during October.

The country has recently been pursuing a "faraway countries strategy" in order to boost the volume of its exports heading to locations more than 2,000 kilometers away, broadcaster NTV quoted Mr Mus as saying in an interview.