US 'would include entire UK economy' in trade deal talks

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America wants to be comprehensive with any British trade deal, but there are fears this could change some things too much in the UK.

The American ambassador to the UK has said he would like to see all aspects of the British economy included in any negotiations that would take place concerning a trade deal.

In an interview ahead of president Donald Trump's state visit to Britain this week, Woody Johnson said the US is "looking at all components of the deal and trying to get everything lined up so, when the time comes, we're ready to go".

He told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show he thinks this should include the entire economy and all things that are traded being on the table.

However, Mr Johnson's remarks sparked controversy after critics pointed out this could mean any post-Brexit trade deal with the US could include US private sector involvement in the NHS and allowing agricultural products to be imported that are currently banned in the European Union.

Liberal Democrat leadership contender Sir Ed Davey said the government must ensure a trade deal does not come in return for access to the NHS.

Trade between the two nations is likely to feature heavily in Mr Trump's three-day state visit, which begins today (June 3rd 2019) and will also include a meeting with the Queen at Buckingham Palace.

Mr Trump has said he thinks there is an "opportunity for a very big trade deal" with Britain in the near future.