EU goods to be checked at UK customs borders

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Contrary to popular belief, EU goods coming into Britain will be checked at customs.

All goods being exported from the European Union to the UK will be subject to customs checks at Britain's borders, it has been revealed.

The Daily Telegraph quoted a source from Whitehall as saying: "We are planning full checks on all EU imports - export declarations, security declarations, animal health checks and all supermarket goods to pass through border inspection posts."

It is thought businesses will be officially informed of the new policy on February 10th 2020 and it will mean additional checks on foods such as cheese, as well as extra import paperwork.

The revelation goes against plans made by Theresa May's government, which insisted there would be no customs checks and tariffs on 87 per cent of EU imports and only limited checks on goods.

Business groups have already reacted with alarm, saying it could jeopardise 'just in time' manufacturing and lead to long delays at the borders.

Questions have also been raised concerning the ability of ports and HMRC to get ready for Brexit after the transition period next year.