UK government publishes trade remedy measures

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International trade secretary Dr Liam Fox has made an announcement concerning trade remedy measures.

The British government has published details of its trade remedy measures that will continue to apply after the country's exit from the European Union.

Some 43 measures that currently apply to imports from outside the EU will be transitioned into UK law at the end of the implementation period, or from March 29th 2019 if there is a no-deal scenario.

It means Britain will be able to keep applying higher tariffs to imports that could otherwise be traded unfairly and therefore have the potential to put British businesses at a disadvantage.

This should protect important industries and safeguard jobs that may be lost should imports start flooding in at below fair market rates.

Among the cheap imports included on the trade remedies list are tyres, ceramic tiles and kitchenware from China, and steel products from nations such as Brazil and the USA.

A further 66 EU measures have been listed as not applicable to the UK post-Brexit.

EU trade remedy measures are only being continued where UK businesses supported them and where British businesses produce greater than a one per cent market share of those products when they are sold in the UK, which is in line with World Trade Organization obligations.

International trade secretary Dr Liam Fox said: "This is an important part of our new independent trade policy and it underlines our commitment to free trade and to ensuring the integrity of the global rules-based trading system."

Among the groups welcoming the publication of the definitive list of measures was UK Steel, whose director-general Gareth Stace said the confirmation of 15 anti-dumping tariffs will be crucial for British metal producers.

However, the British Ceramic Confederation told BBC News there is still vital information concerning tariffs missing from the announcement, which British businesses will need as soon as possible.