US to meet with Kenya to begin trade talks

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The presidents of the US and Kenya are keen to start negotiations for a trade deal, it seems.

US president Donald Trump is to welcome Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta in Washington this week as the two nations prepare to begin discussions on a free trade agreement.

The 'expanded bilateral meeting' was revealed in Mr Trump's schedule for February 6th 2020 and could be significant, as a concluded deal would represent the US's first with a Sub-Saharan African (SSA) country.

Under the African Growth Opportunity Act, 39 SSA nations already enjoy duty-free market access in the US for selected products such as textiles.

However, this agreement expires in 2025 and Kenya is believed to be eager to ensure its products retain unhindered access to businesses and consumers in the US.

Meanwhile, according to Bloomberg, Mr Trump wants to use an FTA with Kenya as a model for further deals with other African countries and insists progress could be made by the third quarter of this year.

Kenya is currently the US's 98th largest trade partner for exports and its 85th for imports. Figures from the US Trade Representative show Kenya imports large amounts of American aircraft, machinery and plastics, while goods heading the other way include clothing, fruit and nuts.