Brexit | 13 February 2019

UK and Switzerland ratify continuity agreement

Trade will continue as usual between the UK and Switzerland after Brexit.

Imports and Exports | 13 February 2019

Figures from China suggest economic slowdown

There have been disappointing economic forecasts for China this month.

Imports and Exports | 13 February 2019

Germany sees unexpected boost to imports and exports

Germany has beaten the odds to post positive trade figures for December 2018.

Brexit | 12 February 2019

HMRC issues advice on exporting from UK to EU in no-deal Brexit scenario

A new video offers advice for UK businesses wanting to keep trading with the EU should a no-deal Brexit occur.

Imports and Exports | 6 February 2019

US 'to become net energy exporter by 2020'

Thanks to lower consumption in the US and higher production of alternative sources of energy, the US will become a net energy exporter by 2020, one group has said.

Brexit | 6 February 2019

HMRC issues no-deal Brexit contingency plans for British businesses

Thousands of British companies have been given instructions about what they will need to do to prepare for a no-deal Brexit.

Imports and Exports | 6 February 2019

Indian steel firms call for more duties on imports

The Indian government should place higher duties on imports of steel, four major metal companies have insisted.

Legislation | 23 January 2019

Israel and Ukraine sign free trade agreement: What will it mean for business?

Let's take a look at what the new free trade agreement between Israel and Ukraine will mean for trade between the two nations.

Imports and Exports | 22 January 2019

Wine from Australia enjoys an increase in exports

More wine was being exported from Australia last year, data has shown.

Legislation | 22 January 2019

Canada: Trade pact with China is not on the table

Canada will not be forging new trade ties with China, a diplomat has said.