Legislation | 5 October 2017

South Korea agrees to amend trade deal with US

South Korea has agreed to amend its trade deal with the US following negotiations.

Industry News | 4 October 2017

EU ministers discuss need for centralized IT approach for customs union

European ministers have outlined a need for a more centralized approach to developing IT systems for the EU customs union.

Legislation | 3 October 2017

India and EU seek renewed progress on free trade agreement talks

India and the EU are looking to restart progress on a stalled free trade agreement between the two regions during a forthcoming summit.

Industry News | 2 October 2017

UK will have trade deals in place before transition period ends, says minister

The UK's international trade secretary has expressed confidence that key free trade deals will be in place by the time the Brexit transition period is over.

Legislation | 29 September 2017

Third round of NAFTA renegotiation talks conclude

The third round of talks over the renegotiations of NAFTA have concluded, with progress made on a number of issues.

Industry News | 28 September 2017

British businesses support call for transitional Brexit trade agreement

British businesses are coming together to call for the UK to embrace a transitional trade agreement with the EU to avoid a "cliff-edge" effect after Brexit.

Legislation | 27 September 2017

EU outlines new objectives for 'balanced and progressive' trade policy

The European Commission has outlined a number of new steps it will be taking to achieve a more "balanced and progressive" trade policy for the EU.

Legislation | 25 September 2017

EU-Canada trade deal enters into provisional force

The new Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the EU and Canada has entered into force provisionally.

Imports and Exports | 21 September 2017

Japanese imports and exports beat expectations in August

Japanese exports and imports both exceeded expectations during August 2017, with the rise in exports marking the biggest gain in almost four years.

Legislation | 20 September 2017

Hong Kong and ASEAN successfully negotiate new free trade deal

Negotiations have successfully concluded on a new free trade agreement between Hong Kong and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.