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The year in Brexit: How is the UK progressing on new deals?

How have the UK's FTA efforts and its trading relationship with the EU been developing over the last 12 months?

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Can the EU and US avoid an all-out trade war over green tech?

The EU and US are looking for ways to avoid a large-scale trade war over a dispute relating to green subsidies.

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Global trade in 2022 - has activity peaked?

Despite significant overall growth, quarter-over-quarter global trade volume dipped across many economies in Q3 this year.

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'Made in Hong Kong' ban breaches trade rules, WTO says

The WTO has declared that labeling restrictions on imports to the US from Hong Kong go against international trading rules.

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China files WTO complaint against US semiconductor export ban

Beijing has turned to the WTO to help solve a trade dispute with the US over an export ban on advanced semiconductor products.

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US steel tariffs broke trade rules, WTO finds

The WTO has determined that US tariffs and steel and aluminum imports are in violation of international trade rules.

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EU turns to WTO over Chinese trade restrictions

The EU has asked the WTO to rule on disputes with China involving exports from Lithuania and high-tech patents.

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What could the consequences be of the US' new rules on chip exports?

How are new US export controls on advanced semiconductor technology set to affect the trading relationship between Washington and Beijing?

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Brussels readies 'buy European' drive in response to US subsidies

Germany's economy minister has suggested the EU could enact its own scheme of subsidies to counter the US' Inflation Reduction Act.

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Is an EU-Indonesia FTA finally on the horizon?

Could efforts by the EU to increase engagement with Indonesia help kick-start stalled FTA talks?