Industry News | 7 August 2018

Australian treasurer: WTO has failed

The World Trade Organization is not fit for purpose, the Australian treasurer has argued.

Imports and Exports | 7 August 2018

Canadian beer makers struggle amid aluminum tariffs

Taxes on cans are putting smaller Canadian breweries into dire straits.

Industry News | 25 July 2018

Will Trump's trade wars lead to a serious shift in global stability?

Tariffs are leading to trade wars, but is it a similar situation to that of the 1980s?

Brexit | 24 July 2018

CDS is coming - are you ready for the change from CHIEF?

The CHIEF system is to be replaced with CDS and traders can get help from MIC's range of software solutions to ease the transition.

Brexit | 18 July 2018

Brexit: Latest news and what happens next

It has been another busy week as Brexit negotiations continue.

Legislation | 18 July 2018

IMF issues warning over cost of tariff war

The global economy could lose billions thanks to the seeds of trade wars being sown, the IMF has warned.

Imports and Exports | 17 July 2018

Eurozone surplus for goods traded falls

New data has shown that there has been a fall in goods trade surplus in the eurozone.

Legislation | 17 July 2018

EU-Japan trade agreement to be signed today

An historic trade agreement between the European Union and Japan is to be signed this week.

Imports and Exports | 11 July 2018

India's Iranian oil imports fall as sanctions threat looms

Oil going into India from Iran has declined as tariffs are set to come into effect.

Industry News | 11 July 2018

Trade war escalates as China 'shocked' by US taxes

A list of products that could be subject to fresh taxes has led to anger from China.