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FTA between South Korea and Israel should be concluded soon

Israel and South Korea seem ready to move forward quickly on a trade deal.

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WTO sets up dispute panel after Turkish complaint in EU row over steel

The World Trade Organization must now investigate Turkey's allegations that the EU is treating it unfairly over steel.

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Japan and UK sign trade deal in record time

Britain has concluded its first independent trade deal.

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Lithuania's trade suffers as coronavirus impacts imports and exports

Trade has declined in Lithuania, even with minimal coronavirus cases.

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WTO's 'march to irrelevance' must stop, Fox argues

The World Trade Organization needs to continue, but in a different way, Liam Fox has said.

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EC updates rules of origin to boost trade

New rules of origin now apply in the EU after a decision by the European Commission.

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Nigeria's trade deficit balloons in first part of 2020

Nigeria is importing far more than it is exporting at present.

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India keen to strengthen trade ties with Africa

India wants to keep building on the good relations it already has with Africa, it seems.

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US unveils its plans for reforming the WTO

The US has a five-point plan it thinks will fix the WTO.

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China presses for conclusion of FTA with Norway

China and Norway are making fresh connections as a 'new normal' resumes.