Origin Calculation | 30 October 2017

TPP member nations meet in Japan to secure progress on deal

The remaining members of the TPP agreement are convening in Japan with the aim of moving the deal forward without the US.

Legislation | 30 October 2017

European Commission outlines extensive planned overhaul of VAT system

The European Commission has outlined proposals for a wide-ranging revamp of the current VAT system to make it easier to use and more resistant to fraudulent behavior.

Legislation | 26 October 2017

US outlines new GSP eligibility crackdown

The US has outlined plans for a renewed effort to ensure the eligibility criteria of the Generalized System of Preferences trade program are being adhered to.

Legislation | 24 October 2017

EU: Post-Brexit trade deal likely to be similar to CETA

The EU has suggested that any future trade deal with the UK would likely be similar to the CETA deal recently struck with Canada.

Origin Calculation | 20 October 2017

NAFTA renegotiation talks stall on crucial disagreements

Talks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement have hit a roadblock, with representatives having difficulty reconciling the priorities of the US with those of Canada and Mexico.

Imports and Exports | 17 October 2017

Chinese imports and exports remain strong in September

China's international trade performance picked up again in September, offering evidence that the country's economy is experiencing a strong period.

Industry News | 16 October 2017

Japan 'increasingly cautious about trade links with the US'

A new report has highlighted the cautious approach Japan is taking to future trade agreements with the US due to President Donald Trump's economic policies.

Origin Calculation | 13 October 2017

EU and India reaffirm commitment to FTA progress

The EU and India have reaffirmed their commitment to establishing a new free trade agreement during a recent summit.

Imports and Exports | 12 October 2017

UK reports record trade deficit in August

The UK experienced a record high trade deficit in August as recent tough trading conditions persisted for British businesses.

Imports and Exports | 10 October 2017

German exports rise at fastest pace in a year in August 2017

August 2017 saw Germany experience the biggest monthly rise in exports since the previous year, according to new data.