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Indonesia turns to WTO over EU steel tariffs dispute

Indonesia has blamed EU anti-dumping tariffs for a sharp fall in its steel exports as it asks the WTO to rule on the legality of the duties.

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How could concentration be damaging global trade?

A new report has found 40 percent of global trade depends on three or fewer source countries. What could the impact of this be and how can this be managed?

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What is India aiming for in trade talks with the US and EU?

What is India seeking to gain from trade talks with the US, EU and UK?

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UK 'to be 15 years late' on exports target

Government figures have suggested UK export values will not reach £1 trillion a year until 2035 - 15 years later than initially planned.

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WTO chief warns of 'friendshoring' risks'

Nations should look beyond like-minded countries when considering options for new trade agreements, the WTO director-general has stated.

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China reports plunge in imports and exports

New customs data reveals China suffered a large drop in both imports and exports in December.

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UK and EU reach agreement on trade data sharing

A new agreement on data sharing for goods traveling between the UK and EU could help pave the way for progress on the Northern Ireland protocol.

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'Mistakes made' in Brexit deal, Irish PM admits

Incoming Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar has acknowledged both sides made mistakes in negotiating trade arrangements between the EU and UK as part of the Brexit deal.

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The year in Brexit: How is the UK progressing on new deals?

How have the UK's FTA efforts and its trading relationship with the EU been developing over the last 12 months?

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Can the EU and US avoid an all-out trade war over green tech?

The EU and US are looking for ways to avoid a large-scale trade war over a dispute relating to green subsidies.