Legislation | 23 January 2019

Israel and Ukraine sign free trade agreement: What will it mean for business?

Let's take a look at what the new free trade agreement between Israel and Ukraine will mean for trade between the two nations.

Imports and Exports | 22 January 2019

Wine from Australia enjoys an increase in exports

More wine was being exported from Australia last year, data has shown.

Legislation | 22 January 2019

Canada: Trade pact with China is not on the table

Canada will not be forging new trade ties with China, a diplomat has said.

Imports and Exports | 16 January 2019

Cognac exports up for fourth consecutive year

There was good news for exporters of the drink Cognac this week.

Imports and Exports | 16 January 2019

Restrictions on EU steel imports 'could harm wind power industry'

Targets for renewable energy production may be missed if new steel tariffs are applied, it has been claimed.

Legislation | 16 January 2019

Mixed messages from US over China trade deal

US President Donald Trump says he hopes a trade deal with China will be forthcoming, but analysts aren't so sure.

Industry News | 15 January 2019

Disappointing trade data from China sparks market slowdown

Despite analysts' optimism, there were disappointing trade figures from China this week.

Legislation | 15 January 2019

EC urged to push through trade deal between EU and Vietnam

An open letter asks the EC to hurry in making official the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement.

Legislation | 9 January 2019

Benefits of CETA already evident in UK

British businesses are already enjoying duty-free trade with Canada, figures have shown.

Imports and Exports | 9 January 2019

Turkish steel exports up, despite protectionist climate

More steel came from Turkey last year, new figures have revealed.