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US announces and delays retaliatory 'tech tax' duties

The US has targeted six countries for tariffs in response to new DST levies, but has suspended their introduction for up to 180 days.

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WTO joins call for new healthcare investments to spur global recovery

A $50 billion global investment in healthcare tools to fight the COVID-19 pandemic could lead to $9 trillion in new economic activity by 2025, it has been stated.

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CPTPP nations agree to begin UK accession talks

Trade ministers of the 11 CPTPP countries have agreed to start the process of allowing the UK to join the group.

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Understanding new EU export controls on dual-use items

The EU has approved changes to export controls regulations that will put a greater onus on exporters to perform thorough due diligence on dual-use items.

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China becomes UK's largest import market as EU trade slumps

New figures reveal China has replaced Germany as the UK's largest source of imports.

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WTO reform on the agenda at G7 summit

A meeting of G7 trade ministers this week will discuss proposed reforms to the WTO.

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Resetting transatlantic trade - what still needs to be done?

The US and EU are keen to work more closely to reset trade relations following a turbulent few years.

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US affirms tariff rates on Asian tire imports

An investigation by the US Department of Commerce has approved a decision to implement anti-dumping tariffs on vehicle tires imported from four Asian nations.

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UK set to review tariffs on US imports

The UK government has opened a consultation into a new approach to tariffs implemented in response to US steel and aluminum duties.

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UK govt agrees terms for Australia trade deal

The UK government is set to offer Australia an FTA that will see tariffs and quotas removed over a period of 15 years.