Legislation | 29 November 2018

Could a New Zealand/UK trade agreement be on the cards?

New Zealand has opened up a consultation on a trade deal with the UK.

Industry News | 28 November 2018

Report predicts deceleration of global trade

Global trade growth is going down, new figures have suggested.

Legislation | 28 November 2018

What is the World Trade Organization - and does it still have a future?

As criticism of the World Trade Organization mounts, where will it go from here?

Legislation | 21 November 2018

US restrictions on tech exports 'could threaten trade relations'

Deutsche Bank AG is among those warning the US not to impose restrictions on technology exports.

Brexit | 21 November 2018

South Korea eager for UK trade deal post-Brexit

South Korea wants to beat its other rivals in Asia to a deal with Britain after Brexit.

Brexit | 20 November 2018

PAC reiterates concerns about customs systems

The Public Accounts Committee has again said it is worried about potential customs chaos in the run-up to Brexit and afterwards.

Imports and Exports | 20 November 2018

China to expand import ban on waste

China will be banning another eight types of waste as it seeks to curb rubbish imports going into the country.

Legislation | 14 November 2018

Australia-Indonesia free trade deal delayed over embassy spat

Australia's proposal of moving its embassy in the Middle East has caused delays to a free trade agreement in Asia.

Brexit | 14 November 2018

Food manufacturers 'stockpiling' for fear of Brexit disruption

Widespread stockpiling is taking place ahead of Brexit in case of customs delays.

Legislation | 13 November 2018

Canada: Full trade deal with China is possible

Canada may want a free trade deal with China, trade minister Jim Carr has said.