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China begins buying from US again as phase one trade deal kicks in

Liquefied petroleum gas and agricultural products are making their way to China from the US again.

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Brexit update: Will Johnson be forced to agree to a delay?

Calls are mounting for British prime minister Boris Johnson to agree to an extension of the Brexit transition period.

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Dubai reports on-target growth in trade

2019 proved to be a boom year for trade in Dubai, data has shown.

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Japan's imports and exports slump amid global crisis

Japan has now confirmed 15 straight months of declines in exports.

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Canada ratifies USMCA - but will pandemic threaten implementation?

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted Canada to hurriedly ratify the USMCA after months of delays.

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Africa hopes to stay on target for FTA, despite coronavirus

A spokesperson for a new free trade bloc in Africa is confident the deadline for its implementation can still be met.

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Trump forced to backtrack as businesses fear international trade ban

Trade between Europe and the US will not be halted by coronavirus, president Trump has clarified.

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UK includes blockchain in US FTA agenda

The UK wants smaller firms in particular to have digital technology behind them when they trade with the US under a new agreement.

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Argentina brings in licence requirements for oil imports

More documentation will be required for oil and gas going to Argentina.

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Pakistan to cut import duties in bid to boost economy

Import taxes on many products from Pakistan are to be slashed, it has been reported.