Legislation | 26 January 2018

Revived Trans-Pacific Partnership set to move ahead amid potential US interest

Progress towards a new-look Trans-Pacific Partnership is back on track, with all 11 remaining nations now committed to moving ahead with the deal - and the US opening the door to a possible return.

Imports and Exports | 25 January 2018

US vows to continue push for 'fairer' global trade in 2018

The US has committed to continuing its efforts to oppose trading practices it sees as unfair during 2018.

Legislation | 22 January 2018

US accuses China and Russia of failing to meet WTO membership commitments

The US has issued a pair of reports accusing China and Russia of failing to honor the market-oriented economic policy approach expected of them as members of the WTO.

Origin Calculation | 18 January 2018

Mexico-EU free trade agreement 'to be completed in coming weeks'

Mexico and the EU are expecting to finalize a new free trade agreement within the coming weeks, according to a senior Mexican official.

Origin Calculation | 17 January 2018

Africa's Continental Free Trade Agreement 'to be signed by March 2018'

African leaders are expecting to sign the new Continental Free Trade Agreement by March 2018, according to a Ghanaian minister.

Legislation | 15 January 2018

US ambassador affirms support for free trade deal with India

The US ambassador to India has expressed a continued desire for a free trade deal between the nations.

Imports and Exports | 12 January 2018

Chinese exports and imports see further growth in December 2017

China saw a better-than-expected export performance in December 2017, although import growth for the month fell below the forecasted level.

Legislation | 11 January 2018

Canadian government 'preparing for expected US withdrawal from NAFTA'

The Canadian government is increasingly convinced that the US is planning to pull out of the NAFTA trade pact, according to reports.

Brexit | 10 January 2018

UK 'to consider TPP membership after Brexit'

The UK would potentially consider membership of the Trans-Pacific Partnership after it leaves the EU, according to international trade secretary Liam Fox.

Legislation | 10 January 2018

A guide to the new EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement

Businesses should begin making preparations for the new Economic Partnership Agreement between the EU and Japan, which represents one of the largest FTAs of its kind.