Legislation | 12 December 2018

WTO issues warning over restrictive trade measures

The World Trade Organization wants its member states to do everything they can to reverse the trend for protectionism.

Legislation | 12 December 2018

EU calls for Kosovo to remove 100 per cent tariffs

Johannes Hahn from the European Union wants Kosovo to remove tariffs it has issued on some of its fellow Balkan states.

Industry News | 11 December 2018

New report highlights world trade concerns

Maritime traders want more technology and are concerned about trade wars, a new report has shown.

Imports and Exports | 11 December 2018

Europe to import more Russian gas

The main natural gas supplier in Russia has said it anticipates providing more for Europe.

Imports and Exports | 6 December 2018

France to stop imports linked to deforestation

Imports that harm the environment are to be halted in France by 2030.

Industry News | 6 December 2018

World trade hits new high, figures show

World trade has grown again, Kuehne+Nagel's latest figures show.

Industry News | 6 December 2018

Blockchain 'could revolutionize world trade'

Blockchain could become a key component of world trade in the future, according to the World Trade Organization.

Industry News | 4 December 2018

Crude oil exports from Iraq dip to seven-month low

It is a turbulent time for Middle Eastern oil production, after exports from Iraq declined.

Industry News | 4 December 2018

G20 nations agree to reform WTO

Reforms to the WTO could be forthcoming after the G20 agreed it is not fit for purpose.

Imports and Exports | 4 December 2018

President Trump claims thaw in tariff war with China

Twitter comments by Donald Trump suggest China is relenting on its US car tariffs.