Legislation | 22 August 2018

Thailand to ban scrap electronic imports

Scrap electronics will no longer be received into Thailand soon.

Origin Calculation | 22 August 2018

US Customs to use blockchain technology

Blockchain is to be rolled out as part of the US customs process.

Industry News | 21 August 2018

World Bank report shows disparities in global trade logistics

Gaps exist between rich and poor nations when it comes to logistics performance and trade, according to a new report.

Imports and Exports | 21 August 2018

UK 'could become an exporting superpower'

The international trade secretary wants Britain to excel at international trade, starting with improving exports.

Industry News | 15 August 2018

Turkey raises tariffs as economic battle with US continues

Turkey has continued its 'tit-for-tat' raising of tariffs against the US this week.

Industry News | 15 August 2018

Belt and Road Initiative 'will boost China's global power sector footprint'

China's ambitious Belt and Road Initiative could be significant, according to new analysis.

Industry News | 14 August 2018

Russia cuts dependency on US dollar

Russia is trying to move away from trading in US dollars amid increasingly frosty relations between the two countries.

Imports and Exports | 14 August 2018

UK food and drink exports hit record levels

People all over the world are demanding British food and drink.

Brexit | 8 August 2018

No-deal Brexit 'looking more likely'

Exiting the European Union without a deal is looking to be an increasingly likely prospect, according to ministers.

Imports and Exports | 8 August 2018

Chinese exports hold firm despite trade wars

More positive than expected trade data has come from China, despite ongoing disputes with the US.