Imports and Exports | 25 June 2018

Impact of excess capacity on global trade is overblown, study shows

A new report has suggested that the current focus of tackling excess capacity as a means of addressing problems with the global trade system may be based on flawed logic.

Imports and Exports | 22 June 2018

Chinese government assures businesses on free trade commitment

The Chinese government has met with representatives from a number of multinational businesses to offer assurances that the country remains committed to free trade, despite its current trade conflict with the US.

Imports and Exports | 20 June 2018

Japan records further trade growth in May 2018

Japan has reported strong import and export growth for May 2018, despite growing trade tensions in the region.

Origin Calculation | 19 June 2018

Examining the aims of the EU's FTA plans with Australia and New Zealand

The EU has received the green light to start trade negotiations with Australia and New Zealand, with the aim of securing broad-ranging free trade agreements that could deliver significant benefits.

Legislation | 18 June 2018

Minister declares Italian government opposition to EU-Canada trade deal

Italy's new agriculture minister has stated that his government is not willing to ratify the free trade agreement between the EU and Canada.

Imports and Exports | 14 June 2018

EU leads global agri-food trade in 2017

The EU cemented its position as the largest global exporter and importer of agri-food products in 2017, official data has shown.

Legislation | 12 June 2018

EU ushers in new trade defense rules

The EU has brought new trade defense rules into force to help the union take more decisive action over unfair trading practices.

Imports and Exports | 11 June 2018

G7 left in disarray as US escalates trade conflict

The latest G7 meeting has ended in chaos after US President Donald Trump refused to endorse a joint communique due to ongoing disagreements over trade.

Imports and Exports | 8 June 2018

China's import and export growth remains healthy in May

China continued to generate strong international trade results in May 2018, despite the ongoing trade row with the US.

Origin Calculation | 7 June 2018

EU approves new rebalancing duties on US products

The EU has endorsed the introduction of new duties on an initial €2.8 billion of US imports as part of its response to the US tariffs on steel and aluminum products.