Industry News | 4 September 2017

British and German business organizations call for trade-focused Brexit approach

The British Chambers of Commerce and the Association of German Chambers of Commerce have called for trade issues to be prioritized as Brexit talks continue.

Industry News | 1 September 2017

International trade improves again in second quarter of 2017

New OECD data has shown that international trade among G20 nations increased once again in the second quarter of 2017.

Legislation | 31 August 2017

South Korea and US butt heads over free trade agreement

The US and South Korea have commenced talks about a potential renegotiation of their existing free trade deal, but a number of areas of disagreement have already emerged that could make the process more difficult.

Legislation | 30 August 2017

Examining the economic debate over a post-Brexit EU trade deal

With time ticking down until the UK exits the European Union in March 2019, economists remain split over the best strategy for a post-Brexit trade relationship.

Industry News | 30 August 2017

UK prime minister flies to Japan to lay groundwork for trade deal

British prime minister Theresa May has travelled to Japan with the aim of laying the groundwork for a future trade deal between the two countries.

Industry News | 24 August 2017

New global initiative to help small businesses take part in international trade

The ICC and the WTO have launched a new initiative to help smaller companies take part in international trade.

Legislation | 23 August 2017

First round of NAFTA talks conclude with disagreements still prevalent

The first round of talks over the renegotiation of NAFTA has concluded, with the US, Canada and Mexico committed to an accelerated schedule of negotiations despite ongoing disagreements.

Industry News | 21 August 2017

UK-EU trade talks 'unlikely to commence this autumn'

The prime minister of Slovenia has warned the UK not to hold out hope for a commencement of post-Brexit trade talks with the EU this autumn.

Imports and Exports | 18 August 2017

Japan sees improved imports and exports in July

Japan recorded a second consecutive monthly trade surplus during July 2017, with exports and imports both rising.

Legislation | 17 August 2017

UK lays out proposals for new customs relationship with EU

The UK has laid out new proposals for a future customs relationship with the EU - albeit one that has met with a negative response from European officials.