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WTO gives EU green light for $4bn tariff package on US

The EU is set to impose tariffs on $4 billion of US goods following approval from the WTO.

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Covid crisis drives 1,800% increase in EU face mask imports

Luxembourg is the EU country importing the most face masks per capita in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Eurostat finds.

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Switzerland to revise its customs system

Switzerland wants to make its customs processes easier to navigate.

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WTO rules US tariffs on China were unfair

The US is angered that the WTO has ruled in favor of China in a row over tariffs.

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Brexit latest: Have amendments to withdrawal agreement left talks in turmoil?

Britain may have thrown a spanner in the Brexit works by going back on something already put to bed.

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UK-Japan FTA: A more detailed look at an historic deal

Here, we'll take a closer look at the UK-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement and what it might mean for both nations.

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Taiwan and US progress trade talks - but China is unhappy

The US and Taiwan both want to reap the economic rewards of trading more with each other, but China is disgruntled, to say the least.

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WTO to work on removing obstacles to trade

The WTO is to take a look at conformity assessment and Technical Barriers to Trade in the coming months.

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Research finds disagreement in Europe over China's Belt and Road scheme

Some member states have been going behind the EU's back in terms of trading with China, it seems.

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Is the German economy starting to bounce back?

Positive export figures from Germany have led to suggestions its economy could be fighting back against the effects of the pandemic.