Legislation | 2 January 2019

Abu Dhabi scraps customs tax for selected imports

There will be no more customs tax on some products going into Abu Dhabi.

Industry News | 19 December 2018

Digital technologies: What will be the future impact on trade?

The World Trade Organization believes technology is going to be the next big revolution in trade.

Legislation | 19 December 2018

UK and Switzerland, EU and Japan approve new trade deals

The UK and Switzerland have come to a trade agreement, as have Japan and the European Union.

Legislation | 19 December 2018

25 years of the Maastricht Treaty - What is its legacy and what will it become?

The Maastricht Treaty was 25 years old this year. What exactly was it and does it have a future in the reshuffled European bloc?

Brexit | 12 December 2018

Brexit plans in disarray as UK MPs trigger no-confidence vote in PM

A leadership contest has been triggered by the British Conservative Party, plunging Brexit into fresh chaos.

Legislation | 12 December 2018

WTO issues warning over restrictive trade measures

The World Trade Organization wants its member states to do everything they can to reverse the trend for protectionism.

Legislation | 12 December 2018

EU calls for Kosovo to remove 100 per cent tariffs

Johannes Hahn from the European Union wants Kosovo to remove tariffs it has issued on some of its fellow Balkan states.

Industry News | 11 December 2018

New report highlights world trade concerns

Maritime traders want more technology and are concerned about trade wars, a new report has shown.

Imports and Exports | 11 December 2018

Europe to import more Russian gas

The main natural gas supplier in Russia has said it anticipates providing more for Europe.

Imports and Exports | 6 December 2018

France to stop imports linked to deforestation

Imports that harm the environment are to be halted in France by 2030.