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China reopens imports of Canadian pork and beef

China will be buying Canadian meat again after relenting on a ban.

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Germany 'may replace UK imports with Irish products'

Ireland could step into Britain's shoes should Brexit produce unfavourable conditions for Germany, it has been suggested.

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Indian government unveils new IT initiatives for customs

India's new technology may make clearing goods through customs there easier.

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Taiwan denies restrictions on chip exports to China

There is uncertainty over news that the US wants to curb semiconductor exports from Taiwan to China.

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Brexit: Back to square one as UK election looms

There was no movement on Brexit this week after all, other than to call a snap election in the UK.

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What are FTAs and why are they important?

Find out more about free trade agreements and how they operate with MIC.

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Brexit update: EU considers extension to October deadline

Brexit is in limbo once again after a sitting of British parliament this week, so let's take a look at where the situation is up to now.

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EU report details progress made by FTA network - here's how it's all working

The FTAs negotiated by the EU appear to be paying dividends, a new report has suggested.

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Serbia and EAEU look set to sign FTA - what will it mean for trade?

Serbia is keen to boost its trade ties with the nations of the EAEU, with an FTA looking set to be inked by the end of the month. Here, we'll take a closer look at the agreement and its implications.

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US and China make tentative trade deal, but doubts continue

An already shaky deal between the US and China is having its foundations further tested.