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EU rejects calls to overhaul NI protocol, but legal action on hold

An economist has warned of a 'mini trade war' between the EU and UK unless disagreements over the Northern Ireland protocol are resolved.

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A US/Taiwan FTA - what are the chances of a deal?

With a bipartisan group of US senators urging progress on an FTA with Taiwan, what could such a deal mean for the Asia-Pacific region?

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US trade deficit rises on strong imports

New figures revealed US imports increased in June as consumer spending shifted further towards goods.

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Egyptian customs automation set to cut cost of trade

Egypt has announced plans to speed up the process of digitizing and automating its customs procedures across all the country's ports of entry.

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Will new report offer impetus for more US trade agreements?

A new report by the US ITC has identified a "small but positive" benefit for the country from its current FTAs.

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EU launches WTO complaint against Russian trade restrictions

The EU has turned to the WTO to resolve a dispute with Russia over preferential rules for domestic companies that inhibit trade with the country.

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EU-US steel deal 'may not remove all tariffs'

EU commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis has suggested there may be a long way to go before tariffs on EU steel and aluminum imports to the US are lifted.

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UK urges major overhauls to GB-NI trade agreement

The UK government has warned the current post-Brexit protocol governing trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland is unsustainable and needs to be changed.

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How might new Saudi tariff rules affect Gulf trade?

New customs rules in Saudi Arabia will seek to clamp down on imports from GCC free zones that benefit from preferential tariff rates.

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UK considers new trade rules for developing countries

The UK has introduced plans for a new Developing Countries Trading Scheme that will cut tariffs and other trade barriers for low-income nations.