Imports and Exports | 5 March 2019

Turkey posts highest export figures ever

Turkey had its best February ever in terms of exports, new figures have shown.

Imports and Exports | 5 March 2019

US launches probe into titanium sponge imports

Tariffs may be applied to a metal product going from countries including Japan to the US.

Legislation | 27 February 2019

New Japan-EU Free Trade Agreement takes effect: What will be the impact on world trade?

The Japan-EU Free Trade Agreement has now taken effect, so what changes can we expect to see from an economic point of view?

Legislation | 27 February 2019

Donald Trump suggests US-Chinese trade deal may be imminent

US president Donald Trump is optimistic that his country will sign a trade deal with China soon.

Imports and Exports | 27 February 2019

Trans-Pacific trade pact sees beef imports boosted in Japan

The beef industry appears to be benefiting from the effect of the CPTPP on Japan.

Imports and Exports | 27 February 2019

US opens anti-dumping probe on steel imports

The US may increase import duties on Canadian, Chinese and Mexican steel amid claims of unfair prices.

Imports and Exports | 26 February 2019

Rubber Council to cut exports in bid to boost prices

There may be forthcoming restrictions on exports of natural rubber from Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Brexit | 26 February 2019

UK government publishes trade remedy measures

International trade secretary Dr Liam Fox has made an announcement concerning trade remedy measures.

Imports and Exports | 26 February 2019

Australian coal held up at Chinese border as import confusion reigns

Exporting coal from Australia to China may be taking far longer than usual at present.

Brexit | 13 February 2019

Advice issued by HMRC on importing from EU to UK after a no-deal Brexit

More advice has been issued by HMRC, this time on importing to the UK should a no-deal Brexit occur.