Origin Calculation | 25 May 2018

The African Continental Free Trade Area: examining its aims and benefits

The new African Continental Free Trade Area is set to be the largest free trade area since the formation of the WTO, delivering significant benefits across the continent.

Origin Calculation | 23 May 2018

New study highlights potential costs to US of NAFTA withdrawal

A new US industry report has warned of the potentially significant costs to the American economy if the country withdraws from the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Imports and Exports | 21 May 2018

US and China reach compromise to allay fears of trade war

The US and China have averted immediate fears of a trade war after making progress on a new deal designed to reduce the trade deficit between the two nations.

Legislation | 17 May 2018

The Trade Facilitation Agreement: how is its implementation proceeding?

Significant progress has been made towards the global implementation of the Trade Facilitation Agreement, but further work is still needed to achieve full ratification.

Legislation | 14 May 2018

African Continental Free Trade Area ratified in Kenya and Ghana

Kenya and Ghana have become the first countries to ratify the African Continental Free Trade Area, with many more nations having also commenced the process.

Imports and Exports | 11 May 2018

WTO members voice concerns over rising trade tensions and protectionism

Members of the World Trade Organization have issued a joint statement voicing concerns over the rising trade tensions and escalating protectionism among leading nations.

Legislation | 10 May 2018

China, Japan and South Korea call for greater cooperation on free trade

Leaders from China, Japan and South Korea have met to discuss the importance of establishing stronger trade links between the nations.

Legislation | 9 May 2018

Officials voice confidence in progress on new NAFTA deal

Officials involved in the renegotiation of NAFTA have expressed confidence that progress is being made, although a major breakthrough is yet to be achieved.

Imports and Exports | 8 May 2018

China's imports and exports exceed forecasts in April 2018

China has delivered better-than-expected trade results for April 2018, resulting in a strong trade surplus for the month.

Imports and Exports | 4 May 2018

US trade deficit shrinks in March following strong export growth

The US was able to shrink its trade deficit in March 2018 after export figures hit a record high.