Industry News | 20 March 2019

USA pushes for new free trade agreement with Japan

The US wants trade talks with Japan, but its conditions may cause friction.

Industry News | 20 March 2019

Brazil and Mexico agree deal on trade of light vehicles

A new trade agreement has been reached between Brazil and Mexico.

Imports and Exports | 19 March 2019

Global economy takes toll on Japanese exports

Japanese exports and imports have both fallen as the country struggles with global economic uncertainty.

Brexit | 19 March 2019

Norway and Iceland sign rollover trade deal with Britain

Trade with Iceland and Norway will continue post-Brexit for the UK after a deal was agreed.

Imports and Exports | 13 March 2019

India bans import of plastic waste

India will no longer accept plastic waste imports from the rest of the world.

Brexit | 13 March 2019

UK lays out tariff plans for no-deal Brexit

The government has laid out some of its plans for a no-deal Brexit.

Imports and Exports | 12 March 2019

Fracking 'could eliminate British gas imports'

Britain would not need to import natural gas if it made more use of fracking, according to a new report.

Imports and Exports | 12 March 2019

Dubai trade growth shows mixed fortunes

Trade appears to be going well in Dubai, but has stalled compared to the glory days prior to 2012.

Brexit | 6 March 2019

British fish exporters urged to prepare for Brexit

Exporters of fish need to be ready for a no-deal Brexit, the government has said.

Industry News | 6 March 2019

Australia and Indonesia sign trade deal

A new trade deal has been agreed between Australia and Indonesia.