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Hauliers warn over post-Brexit Irish Sea trading

Trade between the UK and Ireland could be disrupted from January as post-Brexit customs systems are not ready to be implemented, it has been claimed.

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Virtual campaign aims to boost trade in least-developed countries

The EIF has launched a new digital campaign to raise awareness of the importance of trade in the world's least-developed countries.

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Global trade to benefit from more countries adopting digital policies

The WTO has noted many countries are turning to more digital policies in order to boost innovation, which will have a significant impact on global trade.

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India checks hold up Chinese tech imports

Checks on imported tech products including smartphones, laptops and smartwatches to India are being delayed by new quality control processes, sources say.

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Looking at the RCEP: What will the implications be for world trade?

What benefits will the newly-signed RCEP bring to its participating nations, and how will it affect future trade in the region?

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The EU's 'Single Window' - what it means for customs filing

New proposals from the EU are aiming to streamline customs filing processes for goods entering or leaving the bloc.

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UK and Canada agree 'rollover' post-Brexit trading terms

The UK and Canada have agreed to continue trading under the terms of the Ceta agreement with the EU while negotiations on a new trade deal continue in 2021.

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'Zoom boom' helps boost Japanese exports

Global demand for electronics and telecommunication equipment has helped Japan's economy climb out of recession, new figures have shown.

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What impact will a Biden presidency have on world trade?

The election of Joe Biden as US president could lead to a change of focus for the US' trade policy, though the rivalry with China is set to remain.

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Asia-Pacific nations agree world's largest trade deal

15 nations in the Asia-Pacific region have put pen to paper on the new RCEP deal, which will create the world's largest free trade bloc.