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EU proposes deal to end tariffs on US imports

The EU's ambassador to the US has suggested both sides could look to de-escalate the ongoing subsidies row by agreeing to remove key tariffs.

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World trade volumes bounce back to pre-pandemic levels

New data indicates that global trade volumes returned to pre-pandemic levels in late 2020.

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India's Export Promotion Capital Goods scheme - what you need to know

What do manufacturers in India need to know about the EPCG scheme for imports of capital goods?

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NZ and China agree deal to expand trade pact

China and New Zealand have put pen to paper on a new pact to upgrade and strengthen the two countries' existing trade deal.

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Assessing the outcome of the WTO's review of India's trade policy

What concerns have been raised by WTO members about India's trade policies?

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China failing to meet new quotas on US imports

A new report has suggested China is set to fall short of its commitment to increase US imports by $200 million by the end of the year.

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UK manufacturers warn over post-Brexit red tape

Almost a third of small UK firms have stopped exporting to the EU due to extra costs and confusing new paperwork post-Brexit.

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US and UK fail to agree 'mini trade deal' before new administration

Tariffs on the import of certain UK goods to the US will remain in place after Westminster failed to secure a last-minute deal with the outgoing Trump administration.

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Is the transatlantic aircraft subsidy dispute any closer to resolution?

New tariffs imposed on EU goods by the US have come into force, but what does the future hold for the ongoing dispute?

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Chip shortages hit global automotive supply chains

Several major auto manufacturers have been forced to halt or reduce production due to problems acquiring essential computer chips.