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Exploring the consequences of the US' tariffs strategy

Surprisingly, the Biden administration has not reversed tariffs put in place by former president Donald Trump, which continue to cost the US economy billions.

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Turkey to pursue ambitious FTA plans

Turkey is looking to boost exports, strengthen its competitiveness and attract foreign capital through a series of ambitious FTAs.

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Tariff reductions 'looking likely' as part of UK-NZ trade deal

The UK could export gin to New Zealand tariff-free under a new trade deal, while the nation’s famed wine could move in the opposite direction.

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UK appoints new trade envoys in 'dynamic markets'

Ten new trade envoys have been appointed by the UK prime minister to promote trade and investment opportunities.

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Record high for WTO's Goods Trade Barometer

The WTO’s Goods Trade Barometer shows a solid recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, but hints at a future slowdown.

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Thailand resumes FTA talks with the EU - what could this offer the country?

Thailand and the EU are to resume talks into an FTA after they were cancelled when a military coup took power in the ASEAN nation.

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What impact could the US-Mexico car parts dispute have on the USMCA?

The USMCA is at an impasse with regard to auto parts, after the Biden administration took a stricter stance on calculating rules of origin than Trump.

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Customs valuation raised on Chinese-origin cellphones in Pakistan

Pakistan has made a change to the customs values of cellphones and accessories coming from China in a bid to accurately assess import duties and taxes.

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The Netherlands replaces AGS with new customs declaration system

The Netherlands will be moving to a DMS customs system to bring it in line with the rest of the EU and standardize procedures.

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HMRC announces single customs platform launch from 2023

HMRC has announced the official launch date of its new single customs platform, with transition from the existing CHIEF system by 2023.