Legislation | 13 November 2018

Canada: Full trade deal with China is possible

Canada may want a free trade deal with China, trade minister Jim Carr has said.

Imports and Exports | 13 November 2018

China plans to reduce trade surplus by boosting imports

China has a plan to encourage spending in order to cut its trade deficit.

Imports and Exports | 7 November 2018

World Trade sees a boost in October

There was an increase in global trade last month, data has shown.

Industry News | 7 November 2018

WTO receives complaints about US tariffs

A heated meeting of the World Trade Organization has seen complaints received about US protectionism.

Industry News | 6 November 2018

Trade wars hit New Zealand's economy

Far-off trade wars between China and America are having an effect in New Zealand.

Legislation | 6 November 2018

Iranian oil sanctions may backfire as waivers are granted

Some countries will now not have to adhere to new rules about buying Iranian oil.

Legislation | 31 October 2018

Replacement for TPP could be set to kick in this year

The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership looks set to be effective before 2018 is out after Australia agreed to join in.

Legislation | 31 October 2018

EU and Singapore sign new trade deal

A new trade deal has been reached between the European Union and Singapore.

Brexit | 24 October 2018

Concerns over customs rise amid fears of no-deal Brexit

Analysts believe there could be serious delays for imports and exports if no deal is reached with the EU over Brexit.

Industry News | 17 October 2018

US to negotiate trade agreements with Japan, EU and UK

The US wants to build trade bridges with Japan, Britain and the European Union.