Industry News | 21 May 2019

WTO publishes downcast outlook indicator

The latest figures on trade growth from the WTO do not look positive.

Industry News | 21 May 2019

Global rail freight tipped to increase significantly

More companies are sending their products by rail.

Legislation | 15 May 2019

Trump's tariffs 'are damaging USMCA agreement'

Donald Trump's economic policies are harming the one agreement he has said he is keen to push forward, according to one expert.

Origin Calculation | 15 May 2019

FTAs 'bring advantages businesses cannot ignore'

Businesses should not be afraid of getting involved where FTAs are concerned, one expert has said.

Imports and Exports | 14 May 2019

British exports hit record high

More exports are leaving British businesses than ever, it has been found.

Industry News | 14 May 2019

Far from resolved, US-China trade war scales up

There was no trade deal between China and the US and tensions have instead heated up again.

Industry News | 8 May 2019

EC downgrades growth outlook for 2019

There have been gloomy figures on growth from the European Commission.

Legislation | 8 May 2019

Turkey signs free trade agreement with Bosnia

Turkey has agreed an FTA with Bosnia and Herzegovina that could boost their economic prosperity.

Imports and Exports | 7 May 2019

Japanese steel exports show signs of recovery

Steel exports from Japan are going up again after a tricky period for the country.

Imports and Exports | 7 May 2019

Europe buying much more American natural gas

Europe has been buying more gas from America - and it wants to boost this still further.