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EU set to lift restrictions on Japanese food imports

Strict restrictions on the import of Japanese food products to the EU could be lifted next month.

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EU confirms 'landmark' FTA with New Zealand: What do traders need to know?

The Council of Europe has given its approval to a new FTA with New Zealand - the first under a new approach to trade. What will it mean for the two sides?

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US mulls new restrictions on Chinese chip exports

New restrictions on the export of computer chips from the US to China could be introduced as early as July, according to a report.

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WTO head pushes for reform and reglobalization

The head of the WTO has called for greater efforts to fight deglobalization in world trade at a conference in Switzerland.

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How could new rules of origin affect Europe's automotive sector?

Why have some of Europe's biggest carmakers been calling on the EU and UK to renegotiate rules of origin for trade?

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US unlikely to offer India exemption from metals tariffs

Indian efforts to secure an exemption from US metal tariffs ahead of a visit to Washington by prime minister Narendra Modi are unlikely to succeed, sources have said.

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The Atlantic Declaration: What will it mean for UK-US trade?

How could a new economic deal signed between the UK and US impact transatlantic trade?

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New scheme set to help UK businesses reclaim tariffs on NI trade

The UK government has announced a new scheme to reimburse traders for tariffs on shipments to NI will start from the end of June.

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China criticizes 'unfair' EU trade policy at WTO meeting

A WTO forum to discuss EU trade policy has opened with China's representative criticizing several aspects of the bloc's rules.

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New Irish labeling rules set up EU, WTO clashes

Ireland's plans to introduce new labeling requirements on alcohol have caused friction with key trading partners in the EU and elsewhere.