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UK defers customs checks to more flexible schedule

Strict new customs arrangements post-Brexit have been dropped in favour of a flexible approach.

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Netherlands records large dip in imports and exports

Disappointing figures on trade have been released from the Netherlands.

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Coronavirus disruption 'could lead to liberalization'

There may be a silver lining to coronavirus for world trade, it has been argued.

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Vietnam ratifies FTA with European Union

Vietnam has voted overwhelmingly in favour of bringing in a new free trade agreement with the EU.

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Free or Foreign Trade Zones: What are they and what are the benefits?

Here, we'll take a look at Free or Foreign Trade Zones and examine how they might benefit businesses using them, particularly in the US.

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US Drawback: What is it and how do I claim it?

Goods that head into the US but go out again could prove to be worthy of a Duty Drawback refund. Here, we'll take a look at how.

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China insists US trade agreement still stands: what next for Phase One?

China has now spoken out to say it does intend to honour its commitments and continue with 'Phase One'.

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EU and Mexico conclude FTA replacing the existing EU-Mexico Global Agreement - so what does it entail?

The end of April 2020 saw the final hurdle cleared for the free trade deal between the European Union and Mexico. Here, we'll see what that means for them both.

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Brexit: Is UK no-deal looking increasingly likely?

The EU and UK are still butting heads over Brexit, but Britain may now not be afraid to take a hard stance.

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New Zealand postpones customs fee increases

Changing customs fees at the New Zealand border will not now be coming into effect this year.