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ECJ makes protected designation of origin ruling on champagne

Protected designation of origin does apply to services, a Luxembourg-based governing body has said.

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US turns to European gasoline imports to fill Hurricane Ida gaps

Hurricane Ida has left the US looking to Europe and the Baltic nations for its refined petroleum products.

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WTO faces 'logistical challenges', claims US Trade Representative

The US does not appear to have much faith in potential achievements at the WTO's next meeting.

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Australia exploring new trade potential with India

Australia is keen to see a free trade deal established with India and wants talks to progress this week.

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India considering 'partial customs relief' for Tesla

Tesla is seeking partial customs relief for electric vehicles imports from India, but the country wants some assurances in return.

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Ukraine and Moldova 'strengthen' trade relations

Ukraine and Moldova have amended an FTA to strengthen trade ties and be more EU-facing in the future.

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WTO rules against China in US solar panel row

A disagreement with China over imports of solar panel technology has ended in the US's favor.

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Brexit impacts UK-Germany confectionery trade

A reduction in first-quarter German confectionery sales of 11.8 percent has been put down to trading complications as a result of Brexit.

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India extends customs duty exemptions for COVID-19 equipment

Customs duties will not be charged on coronavirus vaccines and oxygen supplies coming into India until the end of September at the earliest.

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Brexit continues to hamper UK trade as imbalances increase

The disparity between imports and exports with Ireland during the Brexit transition has been revealed, while Liz Truss seeks a trade partnership elsewhere.