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What could an ASEAN-EAEU free trade deal mean for international trade?

A recent summit has given fresh impetus to the possibility of a new free trade agreement between the ASEAN and EAEU economic blocs - a move that would have numerous repercussions for global trade.

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Chinese exports fall again in May 2016

China's export performance in May 2016 saw another decline as weak global demand persisted for another month.

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ASEAN and New Zealand commit to closer economic cooperation

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations has pledged to strengthen its commercial and trade links with New Zealand.

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How might the Mexico-EFTA free trade agreement be expanded?

Mexico is seeking to expand the remit of its trade deal with the European Free Trade Association, a move that could help to create further commercial opportunities between businesses in both areas.

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UK small businesses 'positive about international trade prospects'

UK small businesses are showing a strong appetite for international trade over the coming years, a new report has shown.

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US and Europe fight to make TTIP case amidst growing opposition

Policymakers in the US and Europe are making efforts to restore the momentum behind the TTIP trade deal in the face of growing opposition.

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EU and Japan seek early resolution over FTA in 2016

Ministers from the EU and Japan have committed to reaching an agreement over a free trade deal as early as possible in 2016.

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US import recovery leads to widening trade deficit

US import figures saw a recovery during April 2016, with the country's trade deficit widening as a consequence.

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Japanese exports and imports see sharp decline in April

Japanese imports and exports declined during April, spurring worries about the nation's broader economic health.

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A guide to the advantages of the Automated Broker Interface (ABI)

The Automated Broker Interface plays a key role in helping companies that do business in the US to file their trade data more easily, making it an important tool for any import and export-driven organizations.