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New UK business engagement group established to ease Brexit concerns

The UK is establishing a new business engagement inter-ministerial group to provide British companies with guidance and reassurance following the recent Brexit vote.

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A look at the new EU/SADC economic partnership agreement

The EU has signed an economic partnership agreement with six nations of the Southern African Development Community, which will help to strengthen Europe's trade ties with the region.

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EU-India FTA 'may need to be reworked following Brexit vote'

India may need to revisit and rework its free trade agreement with the EU following the UK's decision to leave the union.

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Eliminating trade-restrictive measures: further progress needed

A new report from the World Trade Organization has indicated that the G20 nations are not making the hoped-for progress on eliminating trade restrictions.

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Global trade outlook remains uncertain following Brexit vote

Uncertainty continues to prevail in the global markets as the world waits to see how the UK's decision to leave the EU will affect international trade.

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EU sets out ambitions for closer relationship with China

The EU has adopted a joint communication mapping out the European Union's relationship with China for the next five years.

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India's export contraction slows down in May

India saw a slowdown in the contraction of its export performance during May, prompting hopes that market performance will soon pick up.

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What potential does the EU-Japan EPA/FTA hold?

The EU continues to lay down the groundwork for a new free trade agreement with Japan, a deal that could yield significant economic benefits for both regions.

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WTO deal to scrap tariffs on high-tech devices approved by MEPs

MEPs have given their backing to a WTO agreement to scrap customs duties on 201 high-tech devices.

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A guide to the Trade Facilitation Agreement

Progress continues to be made on the implementation of the global Trade Facilitation Agreement, a deal dedicated to making the movement of goods more efficient and transparent.