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Examining the latest APEC international trade developments

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum has outlined a number of key priorities and objectives with the aim of stimulating stronger international trade throughout the region.

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What binding tariff information rules will the new Union Customs Code introduce?

The incoming Union Customs Code is set to introduce new provisions for binding tariff information when it comes into effect next year, and businesses would be well advised to educate themselves on how the changes will affect them.

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EU and Australia confirm plans for new FTA

The EU and Australia are working towards the launch of negotiations for a free trade agreement as they seek to deepen the relationship between the regions.

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New amendments to ASEAN-China FTA agreed

An amended version of the free trade agreement between ASEAN and China has been agreed.

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India tops ranking of most attractive investment destinations for UK

A new report from EY has shed light on the number of UK businesses looking to increase their investment in the Indian market in the coming years.

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Indian exports experience further decline in October

India's exports have fallen for an 11th consecutive year, with imports also experiencing a pronounced fall.

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Business leaders discuss international trade at UK/India CEO Forum

Business leaders from UK and India have discussed new methods of bolstering international trade at the recent UK/India CEO Forum.

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Australian senate ratifies proposed free trade deal with China

The Australian Senate has ratified legislation to implement the country's planned free trade agreement with China.

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Examining the implications of the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

A new report analysing the impact of the new WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement has indicated that the deal could deliver substantial dividends for developing nations.

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New UK programme launched to promote export opportunities

The British government has launched a new programme presenting real-time export opportunities for UK companies in all sectors across the world.