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International businesses 'concerned about potential impact of Brexit'

A new survey has shown that the overwhelming majority of international businesses believe that a British exit from the EU would be bad for them.

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Slow trade growth expected for 2016-17: examining the reasons why

Global trade growth is expected to remain slow for the next two years at least, with a number of broad socioeconomic factors likely to weigh down expansion for the foreseeable future.

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EU and Mercosur exchange new market offers to seal FTA

The EU and Mercosur have exchanged market access offers as the two economic blocs attempt to generate momentum for their free trade talks.

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A guide to the Intrastat system

Intrastat plays an essential role in the production of EU trade statistics, meaning all companies doing business within the bloc need to be aware of their responsibilities within the system.

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European ministers cast doubt on progress of TTIP

The future of the TTIP deal has been thrown into doubt following recent criticisms from ministers in France and Germany.

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Chinese imports and exports decline in April 2016

China's exports fell by two percent in April, with imports declining by 11 percent.

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UK trade mission to Argentina to strengthen Latin American ties

UK trade and investment minister Lord Price is leading the first British trade mission to Argentina in a decade.

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US and Australia review progress on FTA implementation

US and Australian officials have met to discuss their progress in implementing their free trade agreement.

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New rules for gold imports announced by China

China is introducing new rules with the aim of facilitating the importing of gold.

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ICAS report highlights significant value of UK-EU trade links

A new report from ICAS has highlighted the importance of the UK's trade relationship with the EU ahead of the forthcoming referendum on the country's ongoing membership status.